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#Piper is the "Trojan horse" of the series. When Kohan created #OITNB, she knew she wanted to tell diverse stories about diverse women — but that was unfortunately a tough sell to TV executives. She used the story of Piper to get the series greenlit. Then, in later seasons, she pivoted into telling the stories of the other women in the prison. #vauseman #piperchapman #taylorschilling #netflix
The series has filmed in Orangeburg, New York. Rockland Psychiatric Center, where OITNB has filmed exterior scenes, is located in Orangeburg, New York. Can't make this stuff up! #vauseman #netflix #oitnb
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#OITNB is one of the most literary shows on TV. From The Fault in Our Stars to Harry Potter to The Help to Gone Girl, OITNB characters are always reading. Because Litchfield inmates wouldn't necessarily have access to the latest movies, TV shows, or music, it's a realistic way for OITNB to incorporate pop culture references. #vauseman #netflix
The mouse in that disturbing season-4 scene was a real mouse. Actor Diane Guerrero, who plays Maritza, confirmed that the mouse her character had to eat wasn't CGI. "It was a real mouse!" she told Cosmopolitan. #vauseman #netflix #oitnb
Did you know that The cast members commute to set together.? According to Jessica Pimentel, cast-members travel in groups from their homes in New York City to the show's various filming locations elsewhere in New York. She describes their journeys together by saying, "We can have these long days where we're awful to each other, and then get in the van, and we'll either put our headphones on and zone out, if we can't deal, or we just talk, make each other laugh, crack each other up." #vauseman #netflix #oitnb
The finale of the show's fifth season created a cliffhanger for its cast, too. If you think it's hard as a viewer to wait to see what happens when the remaining Litchfield inmates are found in their prison riot hiding spot, imagine how the actors feel! As Natasha Lyonne explained, "We don't have the next script, so we genuinely don't know. We don't know if all of our characters die. If some of us die. We don't know if we kill everybody that walks through that door." #oitnb #netflix #vauseman
Do you know that The show's first season was once the most-watched in Netflix history. Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped about ratings figures for its original programming, but confirmed that OITNB was its most-streamed series in 2013. That's a major accomplishment, especially since it beat out House of Cards and the hotly anticipated return of Arrested Development. #oitnb #vauseman #netflix
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