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Day 18: LIKE ❤️ the photo to be entered in today’s giveaway! 😎
PC: @mrsnjus2017 Spot the Newark magnet 👀 Gotta add it to your collection like @mrsnjus2017 did!
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Gotta stay warm somehow. #passion
Day 15: For today’s giveaway comment below — What has been your favorite music album/artist this year?
PC: @dr.rachel_jac 🐶
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Get going. 🔥
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‼️LET'S GET IT IN TONIGHT‼️ #hardworking #determination #strongwomen #strongmen #instafit #muscleactivation #nopainnogain #calories #fatburn #core #legs #arms #healthylifestyle #healthymind #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #healthandwellness #journey #workouts #GenesisSquaredLife #Newark #NJ #nwkbound Are you looking to give back for the holidays? Then join me in an effort to collect GLOVES and SOCKS for the homeless on the street, in parks, under bridges, and more..... 1st Drop off location is listed on the flyer. Drop off location #2 VP Barbershop 4 South Valley Rd, West Orange, NJ 07052 (across from Suzie Q’s and CVS strip mall) To participate, email inquiries to genesissquaredlife @gmail.com. Monetary donations are welcomed and can be sent to https://cash.me/$genesissquared or Cash App name tag $GenesisSquared #charity #giveback #actsofkindness #community #GenesisSquaredLife
Day 12: We’re a little under 2 weeks away from Christmas. For today’s giveaway, comment below something that’s on your Christmas list! #NaughtyOrNice
If there’s anything you’d like to see out of this page, let me know in the comments or through DM. This page is bigger than me. This is for the people. #thenorkproject
Day 11: For today’s giveaway, comment below: What do you and your family usually eat for Christmas dinner?
📖 Reading season.
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PC: @humbydnc Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄❄️
[ 📷 @humbydnc ] You’ll need a little more than an umbrella today. Stay warm!
PC: @vickiarts Gotta rep your city. Even on your fridge. #NoExcuses #LinkInBio
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This effort is open to all that would like to join me!!!!!!! Let's give to those in need. I see a lot of homeless people that have shoes with no socks, or hats with no gloves. Let's fill in the gap in our community one step at a time. If you have questions or you would like to offer your place of business as a drop-off location, you can refer to the email address listed on the flyer or leave a message in the Instagram or Facebook inbox. I look forward to your support. 🤗🤗🤗 #fitmom #give #homeless #dontbeselfish #begrateful #kindness #love newark #NJ #nwkbound #fitspiration #gettowork #healthybody #healthymind #fitness #healthandwellness #motivation #raiseyourvibration
Did you know Kanye West lived in a home studio in Newark from 2000 to 2002? #incaseyoudidntknow #nowyouknow
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Keep that laptop lookin’ fresh and rep your city at the same time! Grab a Newark sticker from the shop. Link in bio.
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PC: @cityofnewarknj Huge pleasure to be supported and featured by @cityofnewarknj! Thanks for all the love.
Day 5: Let’s make it simple. Just like the photo to be entered in today’s 25 Days of Giving.
I like seeing amazing things like this in my city!!!! It reminds us that though all of the pain and struggle it’s still some positive out there. It’s still something out there in the city that can put a BIG SMILE ON FACES‼️‼️‼️ #michelleobama #blackwoman #newark #newarknj #brickcity #nwkbound #newarkbound #lovemycity #thegood #fromwhereistand
Thoughts on this new sticker design? Should it make the shop?
[ 📷 @bwilliamsart ] Beautiful. 👏
Day 4: To enter the fourth day, comment below your favorite/go-to Monday motivational quote. #mondaymotivation
PC: @humbydnc Take a piece of home with you everywhere you go! Don’t forget to enter the 25 Days of Giving — see previous post to enter.
[ 📷 @melvinsykes ] Truth.
PC: @humbydnc See story post for Day 2 winner!
December is underway! 25 Days of Giving winners will be announced in story posts. Stay tuned for more!
Day 1: To enter our first giveaway of December, all you have to do is tag a friend below. The randomly selected winner will have the picking of one item of their choice from the shop. Tag away!
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