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When the Nazis invaded Denmark, King Christian X was said to have worn a gold Jewish Star in solidarity w/his country's Jewish citizens. In truth, Danish Jews weren't forced to wear Stars of David during the #Holocaust, but the story serves as a wonderful example of resistance & a country that refused to discriminate. Last night at Madison Square Garden, #BillyJoel wore his Jewish roots with pride & as a sign of protest against the rising tide of anti-Semitic hate in the US & a POTUS who doesn't know the difference between good & evil. I had no idea Joel was a #2G whose father was born in #Nuremberg #Germany, fled as a teen, joined the #USArmy & liberated #Dachau. Joel hasn't talked much about his heritage & has eschewed politics but he said he couldn't remain silent anymore. Thank you #Billy for wearing the #MagenDavid w/defiance. Hate won't silence us. You're a true star! #starofdavid
My chocolate coated elisenlebkuchen look like macaroons! Not sure how that happened! I didn't dip! . . . #germangingerbread #nuremberg #lebkuchen #lebkuchengewürz #lebkuchenteig