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Took the fellas through some chest training Tuesday night. They put in a solid effort! #teamlionheart @platinummindbodyfitness
Hell of a #tbt 😅 Mike O'hearn thumbs up 👍🏼 Back in those days where I thought that I was fat, even though I was definitely not. I didn't quite realize that I actually looked decent. I guess it's time to get back at it 🤣 _________________________ I didn't enjoy competing as much as I thought I would. I loved every minutes of the process, but didnt feel satisfied. That 3rd place was meaningless, and I ended up with that feeling of "that's it?". A few weeks after the contest, I can't say that I lost the passion of working out, but something wasn't right. I decided to leave for 4 weeks on the other side of the world, far from any diet or weight training. Detraining hit me hard, but it made me hungry of lifting again. Today, I'm nowhere near I was 2 months ago, but I'm back with two goals in mind: lifting heavy, and have fun. That's all it matters 💪🏼
#tbt 2014 Pro Am. Jess did the fingers. By mistake. #maybe
'Do something differebt, not just better' @ChaseJarvis Visuals from our latest apparel campaign with guys over at @GymVikings Athlete @ShortNattyViking - Film shoot enquiries RGLFilmHouse @Gmail.com - YouTube - RGLFilmHouse Facebook - RGL Film House - #fitness #mensphysique #fitspiration #bodybuilding #inspiration #fitspo #workout #ifbb #apparel #fitfam #npc #shredded #prep #personaltrainer #ifbbpro #workout #progress #motivation #ukbff #shredded #fitlife #aesthetics #wbff #vascular #shredded #fitnessmodel #wbffworlds #videography #lifestyle #throwbackthursday
Once i get these obliques to come in its over..Hopefully my physique gets to a point where I can start to compete when Im back from deployment. Only time will tell. #work #fitness #npc #abs
I've been told this sport is political. I've been warned that I'll experience it. I have, it hurts, it sucks. Even though I'm not competing right now it's been shown right to my face a lot lately. I've experienced it on stage and now I'm experiencing it off stage. But I won't let it stop me, I'll just prove to them that I can climb to the top. Oh wait...I already have. I don't need your congratulations, your support, or to adulate me. I'm never gonna stop doing this sport no matter how political. But I am learning a lot about some people and it's not very pretty. There is a bright side and a dark to everything. Don't let the dark side control you. Let the Lord bring the power of the light to overshadow and smash the dark. And that's why I will continue to pull through and pull up! I will always remain humble, I will not boast, and I will not let confidence be misconstrued for conceit. It's one thing to be proud of who you are and you should be because we are all beautifully made in His image, but it's another to be conceited about it. #girlswithmuscle #chicsthatlift #powerlifting #crossfit #bodybuilder #wpd #womensphysique #operationgetbig #selflove #loveyourself #swole #biceps #triceps #train #training #gymaddiction #fitpro #fitspo #fitfam #humility #humility #npc #ifbb #womensphysique #figure #crossfitchic #crossfitgirl #christian #faith #crossfitter #muscle
Happy #humpday everyone! Had legs and 20 minutes of HITT interval training doing some sprints. I normally never take pre workout just because I do not like the way it makes my body feel. But, after only getting 45 minutes of sleep last night and working 9 hours with a power nap after, I definitely needed that extra boost of energy. I had a pretty successful lift session which consisted of squats, deadlifts, leg extensions and other leg exercises to really get that 🍑 pump. Since leaning out I haven't been able to hit my maxes but for squat I was able to do 4 sets of 10 reps (with a warm up set prior) of 170 lbs. Throughout my workouts I have been really focusing on form and doing each exercise slow allowing more muscles to be worked. I feel like a lot of times people get caught up in, "oh how much can you squat/bench etc" but the weight doesn't matter if your getting to the gym or whatever your focusing on in life it's a success and something to be proud of. Working full time along with planning out my food for the day and getting every workout in is difficult, but every day I take it slow and focus on one thing at a time In everything we do we have to focus on the now, what can we do in this moment to help us reach our goals. Stop thinking about what you can do tomorrow, but what you can do today. Every day is a brand new day, a day where we can meet our goals. Any goals, whatever they may be ARE important. Be proud of the goals you meet each day because it will continuously bring you closer to your dreams.