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Se oggi questa azienda vanta prodotti di pregevole qualità sempre più variegati ed apprezzati, è grazie alla sua antica e più che secolare origine. Natural nasce nel lontano 1854 quando venne fondato l’antico frantoio da Giuseppe Tatasciore che intraprese il suo prezioso cammino nella produzione olearia. All'inizio il frantoio era un supporto per i contadini del posto ma, con il passare degli anni si decise di intraprendere la strada della commercializzazione dei propri prodotti. E fu proprio questo il primo prodotto ad essere messo in commercio: l'olio L'Ampolla del Poeta.
Happy Monday! A bit massively obsessed with fairy lights at the moment. I'm on the hunt for some new bookshelves again (I'm drowning in book again 😅) and starting to think if fun ways to style them! Anyone got some stylish tips? #homedecor #booknerdproblems 📸: Diego PH via Unsplash
Can’t wait to show you more of this beautiful autumn sunny family photoshoot of last weekend. We were lucky again with the weather! So so beautiful! 🍀 🍂
Brrr, heute ist es so richtig kalt, regnerisch und ungemütlich hier in Norddeutschland. Ich freue mich schon jetzt darauf, heute Abend gemütlich mit einer Tasse Tee und einer warmen Decke auf dem Sofa zu liegen. Aber jetzt heißt es erst einmal: work, work, work! Macht das Beste aus diesem miesen Tag!
When we were homeless unemployed nomads living our gypsy honeymoon, bouncing our way along outback tracks, wandering, and wondering where ‘home’ would eventually be…we had a bit of a checklist of what this imaginary place would be like 📜 Our forever home would be in a vibrant and engaged community, one which had likeminded people supporting us. Ideally for me a creative hub of sorts, with people who could inspire, encourage and collaborate, and for Matt a focus on food production, a community with it’s roots deeply planted in agriculture 🚜 We hashed out ideas with ag-mates over bottles of wine and brainstormed on kitchen tables, where were we going, what were we building towards, we knew we wouldn’t arrive there yet, stepping stones needed to happen first… 👣 We applied for jobs in the Falkland Islands (and very nearly ended up there! 🐧) Considered going back north and very remote. Thought of chasing grain and sheep 🤔 We spent a year on the Limestone Coast in the sandy hills, growing some good beef, resilience, experience and a tiny seed called Eleanor Joy... 🌾 (continued #ontheblog, tap the direct link in my profile to read more 👆🏼) • #shesowsseeds #bloomwhereyouareplanted #gippslandforever #proudgippslandian
・ 幼稚園ピックアップ後、2時間遊んでからのちゅうちゅう(アイスキャンデー) ・ ・ 1日が何もなく終わろうとするとホッとする♡ ・ ・ あとは晩御飯とお風呂と寝かしつけ🛁 ・ ・ ・ #4歳 #娘 #2歳 #息子 #クリスマス #クリスマスツリー #スノーホワイト #ホワイトクリスマスツリー #ママリ #ママカメラ #コドモノ #ママライフ #2児ママ #二児の母 #こどものいる暮らし #海外生活 #海外子育て #Christmas #christmastree #christmasdecor #Xmas #xmastree #snowwhite #stendingcalendar