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I love this photo it’s so cute hes so cute
I got a total of 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. Not counting all the times I woke up with sleep paralysis. Fun times . . . . . . . . . . #joshdun #tylerjoseph #jennajoseph #twentyønepilots #tøp #skeletonclique #regionalatbest #selftitled #blurryface #vessel #clique #stayalive #jishwa #tyjo #nophunintended #wedidit #emotionalroadshow #RAB #tourdecolumbus @joshuadun @tylerrjoseph
???how??are??people???so??damn??confident??,pretty??funny??nice??kind??like-able??.All??at??the??same??time?? Like bitch I’m pretty fucking ugly and awkward i should be given a fucking award for that okay???????
I didn't do my geometry homework....oops.
I hv so much math hw ugh
What song?: “It’s hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days” - - - - - - - #twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph #tylerrjoseph #joshuadun #joshdun #tøp #nophunintended #vessel #blurryface #regionalatbest #selftitled
I had a very hard time waking up this morning
i wish
goodmorning !! i hope your day goes fantastic !! 💓
Love the audio and frame thingy {cds: @blurryrxbbit } ••• {tags} #twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph #joshuadun #joshdun #tourdecolumbus #tdc #spookyjim #blackandwhite #emotionalroadshow #blurryface #topedits #skeletonclique #jebby #tøp #tøpedits #blurryface #regionalatbest #hotlines #nophunintended #jennajoseph #vessel #ers #emotionalroadshow #regionalatbest #tumblr #tumblrtextpost #tumblrtextposts #twentyønepiløts #skeletonclique #joshuawilliamdun #twentyonepilotsedits \\\ HOTLINES /// suicide : 1-800-784-8433 abuse : 1-800-799-7233 eating disorders : 1-847-831-3438 bullying : 1-800-420-1479 depression : 1-630-482-9696 self harm : 1-800-DONT-CUT lifeline : 1-800-273-8255 lifeline (german equivalent) : 0-800-111-0-333 runaway : 1-800-843-5200 domestic violence : 800-787-3224 lesbian & gay Switchboard : 0121-622-6589 child line : 0800-1111 sexual assault : 800-223-5001
Since I didn’t finish my elimination game I did about 2-3 months ago.. I want to repay you guys. With the biggest elimination game ever. (I did not make this elimination game. I just found it somewhere.) (ALSO I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANYTHING ELSE BUT THIS UNTIL ITS OVER. ONLY VOTE ONCE. VOTE TO GET ONE OUT LAST 24 HOURS THEN I DECIDE WHICH WAS VOTED MOST.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotssongs #tylerjoseph #joshuadun #jennajoseph #jishwadoon #tyjo #stayalive #joshler #tylerandjosh #joshandtyler #clique #tøp #music #blurryface #vessel #regionalatbest #selftitled #selftitledalbum #nophunintended #ohmyjosh #paramore #panicatthedisco #falloutboy #cliqueart #skeletonclique #mychemicalromance
1. Stressed out my friend made a musically to it. Some time later an Internet-friend told me to listen to them/blurryface and then I started listen to the whole Blurryface album & car radio. 2. Ofc I love them all because every song is meaning something but the ones I like to listen the most is (from blurryface and vessel) are Heavydirtysoul, hometown (and Goner), (ode to sleep), holding on to you and guns for hands. I tried to do my favorites from self titled but that‘s to difficult because every some is so awesome. Same with Regional at best and No phun intended (I love Npi so much). 3. I don‘t have one, I even love all the covers, unreleased tracks and alternate versions. 4. An internet-friend told me. 5. It started June/July and then my love for them become bigger and bigger. 6. Both but I can relate to Tyler because his personality has some similarity to mine (still not Tyler, both.) 7. Every album they‘re all special ✨ 8. Yes ( 11.2.2016 Berlin) the best thing that has ever happened to me.🔒 I‘ll tag some tøp-accounts I follow maybe they‘ll do it (you can also do this in my comment-section 🙂)
I’m sorry I haven’t been posting guys I had surgery today and it’s like 1:40 am
i have a foot cramp help
i’m in a movie watching mood
i don’t need coffee i have boogie
IM RUNNING OUT THE DOOR FOR SCHOOL SO DONT @ ME FOR NOT REPLYING TO DMS THIS MORNING BUT HERES A BRENDON NOW BYE! #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #tylerjoseph #joshuadun #joshdun #twentyonepilots #blurryface #regionalatbest #nophunintended #selftitledalbum #vessel #skeletonclique #jennajoseph #sarahurie
Back with the videos, ladies and gentlemen and all in between. 💞
I just saw Mr. Taco Bell's video about this photo on YouTube, and I'm extremely appalled at how the clique acted. I know this photo was from a little bit ago, but I felt the need to still address it. I know I've been out of the loop of being in the clique, but it's because I've got a life. Just like how Jenna has a life, just like how Josh has a life, JUST LIKE HOW TYLER HAS A LIFE. And they're all living it how they want to. Whether it be of how they look or what they're doing, it's their life. So the next time some clique members try to make fun of their looks, or what they're doing... Don't call yourself a clique member. Get a life and get out. You're not welcomed and no one wants your negativity around. Thank you. That is all. - #joshdun #tylerjoseph #clique #skeletonclique #blurryface #vessel #regionalatbest #selftitled #jishwa #tyjo #spookyjim #tøp #ukulelerapscreamo #twentyønepiløts #twentyonepilots #stayalive #nophunintended #cliqueart #fren #cliqueedits #jennajoseph #jennablack #topmemes
Sadness always overcomes me & it always defeats me. Anyways, I hope everyone’s day is well. I love you all.
_>__>___> t̶w̶e̶n̶t̶y̶ o̶n̶e̶ p̶i̶l̶o̶t̶s̶ f̶o̶r̶ y̶a̶l̶l̶™ • • • #twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph #joshdun #likeforlike #memes #tøpmemes #themes #aesthetic #twentyonepilotsselftitled #blurryface #vessel #regionalatbest #nophunintended
Hey there. I umm.... I really don't know where to start. But ummm. I guess I should start. With this.... You sit here and tell me that nobody wants you... But I don't understand where you're coming from by that. I don't see where I became nobody. I mean.... In my eyes I'm somebody. In my eyes I'm somebody important and my opinion matters. But I am pretty stupid. But I'm definitely not nobody. So when you tell me nobody wants you....That hurts. Because I don't see how you can say that when there's someone fighting for you. Every day. Right in front of you. Because they care about you. So if you can't hear me when I tell you that you matter. Maybe now you will hear me. I am NOT no one so do NOT say nobody wants you because I want you. And I fight for you every day. I think about you every day I wonder how you're doing because I, I can't be there with you all the time. But that doesn't mean I'm nobody. Because I care. And you know what. The person who says nobody cares about them is usually the person that has the most people caring for them. So....yeah that's the person I've been fighting for, the person who says that nobody cares about them when someone does. And you know, I'm cool with that. But there is a line that when you cross it. You know, that.....that really hurts. You told me Nobody wanted you. OK, we got that. But then you have the nerve to tell me there is no such thing as happiness or love. Right there. I know that is a lie, you tell me that happiness and love is a lie and that it's all just fairytales and stories and it's a lie like all of that. Right now you're lying to me when you say that because, I know happiness, I know love. You do to. But you're too blind to see it. OK, does it sound like I'm being really harsh right now. Yeah that's called tough love. LOVE! LOVE! Get it through your head that it is real. And it is right in front of you. You know, I smile every day, and if you really know me, you might find that hypocritical but I smile every day because I find something to be happy about. EVERYDAY! Even when it's the worst day on earth somebody makes me smile.
I love his tattoos//gn :)
school ends in less than 2 days and boogie is out and it’s nearly christmas and im getting my nose pierced in a few days woah
14 things i’ve learned from being 14: 1. you can’t wait for things to come to you, go out and find them yourself 2. your mental state comes before everything else 3. people will come and go 4. don’t let others opinions hold you back from doing what you want 5. joining clubs and doing after school activities is actually a lot of fun and you meet so many new people !! 6. you will not have the same friends you had in middle school 7. try your best in school, even if you’re not good at a certain subject doesn’t mean you can’t succeed 8. don’t be afraid to make mistakes, i grew up thinking it was awful and i’m just now realizing that my mistakes help me grow as an individual 9. fight for what you believe in !! in this generation basically everyone is fighting for their rights so voice your opinion loud and proud 10. take time for yourself 11. losing friends can be a blessing in disguise 12. s t u d y, i never studied my entire life and it’s honestly so helpful, even just for 10 minutes a day. it makes things way easier and more understandable 13. enjoy your life, stop thinking of the negatives and just live your life how you want to 14. pineapple pizza is the best thing ever don’t even try to fight me on this