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Link and his Cucoos love go way beyond I swear. × . × I still have yet to collect all these collectors edition guides. Not because I want a peek. More like being beautiful on our shelves /( • 3 • )/ & I currently have an obsession of collecting so much different types of charms ♡.
Look at this smartphone! It's a $600 piece of shit! This shit looks like a #nintendods! #nintendo #smartphone #phone #zteaxonm #zte #ニンテンドーDS  #ニンテンドー  #任天堂
Did I say I wasn't keeping it? Must of been a typo lol. New member to the family. The only DS I didn't have. #nintendo #nintendods #zelda #retrogaming
Recent inventory arrivals from this past Sunday's Trade Event at the @afk.gg Check out their page. Trade events are bimonthly and so much fun. Next one coming up in December. Vendor spaces are limited. Please share with our fellow gamers. #Nintendo #segasaturn #playstation #retrogaming #nintendods #rpgs #SNES #sega #psx #nes When you want to purchase a title, just comment "claim" followed by the name of the game. All I ask is that you respect the rules of the claim and not lay stake on a game that you have no intention of buying. I want this to be fair for everyone. Sorry, but I don't do trades online. I accept PayPal, debit or credit. Rudy_Treadwell @Hotmail.com is my PayPal ID. Shipping is $3-$4 per title and $1.50-$2.00 for each additional, capping at $7.20 for around 6-10games for the lower 48. I can ship to Canada but that will cost a bit more. Mega Man 3 $20 (2 available) Mega Man $60 Mega Man 6 $35 Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six $10 Treasure Master $25 Totally Rad $20 Day Dreamin' Davey SOLD Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom $8 Metroid $20 Sonic Blast Man $20 FirePower 2000 $20 Inspector Gadget $15 Super Castlevania IV $40 Contra III: The Alien Wars $45 Super Metroid $50 Secret of Mana $55 Super Mario RPG $55 Lufia $40 (small crack on cart shell) Breath of Fire $30 (2 available) Breath of Fire II $60 Sunset Riders $75 Rat Attack! $18 Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling $8 Silent Hill Origins $35 Silent Hill 4: The Room $30 Clock Tower 3 $25 Dark Cloud 2 $25 Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World $40 Final Fantasy III $15 Final Fantasy IV $15 Dragon Quest IV $20 Dragon Quest IX $20 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks $30 Star Ocean: The Second Story $25 Suikoden $35 Xenogears $35 Medievil $30 Rival Schools $65 (no manual) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night $80 Shining Force III $90
Number 9 - Mario Kart DS The Mario Kart series is the pinnacle of multiplayer racing games. This iteration on the DS handled beautifully, looked pretty (at the time), had some of the best courses (personally love Delfino Square), and featured online play for the first time in the series. The 3DS Mario Kart 7 is technically a better game, but the memories of playing this in high school against a whole bunch of friends can't be beaten. Also shoutout to my wonderful girlfriend @miss_jae23 for the awesome Hot Wheels car. Question of the Day - Which Mario Kart had the best character selection? #nintendo #nintendods #DS #mariokart #mariokartds #supermariokart #supermario #handheld #karting #toycar #hotwheels #racing #driving #speed #items #multiplayer #top10 #gamer #games #gaming #retro #oldschool #newschool #collector #collection #videogames #fun #igersnintendo #gameon
$6 - "Princess Toadstool Nintendo DS Case"
Los templarios son super super buenos persiguiendo Ajaaaa claro xD bugs bugs #altaïr #assassinscreed #nintendods #ubisoft
I ran a poll on my story and the DS won over Gameboy. What's your vote?
New game for the DS collection ✨ I have like 2 more coming in this week too 😋 #NFT #NFS