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You can see some of the bark at the base of this Bristlecone. It wears away with time. You can also see how the roots get exposed with time. These trees do not grow old in the sense of experiencing senescence, but the ground beneath them can erode away and expose their roots. Or the soil they have been standing on for centuries can wear out and lose all its nutrients. That is how many of these ancient trees eventually die. 🌲🍂 🌲 Grateful for all of nature’s wonders and bounty. Happy Thanksgiving!🍁
Lunch at this #amazingvenue on a very #rainyday. The #lushgreen and #bamboocanes make for such an amazingly beautiful contrast against the #redpaths and #reflective water! @the_spirithouse #yandinaqld #naturesarchitecture #tropicalgarden
OK, you know I had to get some close-ups. This is a cut piece they have on display to show how dense the rings are. If you want to count them, let me know and I’ll send you a picture that shows them in better light. 😉
Ponga Koru unfurling #naturesarchitecture
The Great Basin Bristlecone, Pinus Longaeva. Dead trees can persist for 7,000 years.
Our latest cave dwelling -the lizards mouth 🦎 #naturesarchitecture #interiors #designinspiration
I got a thing for these trees, they are so interesting to me!!!! #utah #moab #naturesarchitecture