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Forever grateful for my elders, Aspen, who reflect resilience through stories of scars and the eyes of wisdom forged from them. I see you, Scarred Ones. Our scars as LGBTQIAP+ are sacred wether they're self-inflicted in holy attempt of initiation or under the surgical knife initiating ourselves as created and creators of our holy earthy bodies. These are our survival stories. #psychiatricsurvivor #qtpoc #tpoc #qpoc #survivalskills #ancestralskills #gendernonbinary #aspen #nonbinary #queernature #earthqueer #queersinnature #genderqueer #gendernonconforming #genderfluid #indigenousexcellence #indigenousrising #indigenousresistance #natureconnection #decolonizenatureconnection #queeringritesofpassage #populustremuloides #earthconnection #madpride #radicalmentalhealth
“The Spiral in a snail's shell is the same mathematically as the spiral in the Milky Way galaxy, and it's also the same mathematically as our DNA. It's the same ratio that you'll find in very basic music that transcends cultures all over the world" #spiral #natureconnection #todaysinspiration
(Wetland) Our greatest experiences are our quiet moments. ~ Nietzsche
"I still hanker for the original world, the one that makes us rather than the one we make. I hunger for contact with the shaping power that curves the comet's path and fills the owl's throat with song and fashions every flake of snow and carpets the hills with green. It is a prodigal, awful, magnificent power, forever casting new forms into existence then tearing them apart and starting over...and on one planet at least-life, and out of life, consciousness, and out of consciousness these words, this breath, is a chain of wonders. I dangle from that chain and hold on tight." * ~ Scott Russell Sanders, Hunting for Hope: A Father's Journey *photo from our journey through Piatra Craiulu National Park in Transylvania, summer 2016.
The essentials 🌅🌊☀️😃🙏🏼 #sunrise #natureconnection #southcoast
Quandongs (Wild Peach) are in season, the original fruit & nut combo. Quandong, quandang or quondong is a common name for the Wild Peach species, a small desert tree up to 4 metres high, with rough dark bark and pale green elongated hangingleaves. Quandong trees use the root system of other trees, shrubs and grasses to supplement their own supply of nutrients and water, and will therefore usually be found growing from the base of another tree. The cream flowers are small and cup shaped, in clusters at the ends of the outer branchlets. The flowers form in late summer and – depending on the season – form fruit which is ready for harvest in early spring. The shiny, bright scarlet fruit is about 2cm in diameter and contains one large nut or kernel, which is sometimes only marginally smaller than the fruit. Quandongs have been an important traditional aboriginal fruit, which is, although somewhat tart, highly nutritious and contains twice the vitamin C of an orange. The kernel is also very nutritious but indigenous Australians tended to use this mainly for medicinal purposes. The wood from the slow growing trees was prized for the making of traditional bowls – pitti or coolamons. The Quandong fruit feature heavily in aboriginal mythology across all the desert regions of Australia. (text from the tuckerbush website) #wildmovementperth #natureconnection #naturalmovement #wildfood
Walk slowly through the woods or you will miss everything. #naturesoul #natureconnection #autumn🍁
Our awesome group of students at the end of their 5-day swiftwater rescue course last week! In this photo extremely tired after a long week of swimming and hitting rocks, but also glad they obtained their certification. #adventurestudies @truworld @rescuecanada
Making "luminous leaf lanterns" for the autumn equinox. 🍁🍃🍂 The tutorial, along with lots of other ideas and resources, can be found on my blog. 👆 The kids are excited to light them up! #naturecrafts #autumnequinox #natureconnection
Cycle day 9 - feeling playful ;-) lots of fun with the kids, climbing trees together, collecting little things in nature, loving my stripy tights ;-) and making funny pictures of myself... #sharemycycle #menstruality #preovulation #innermaiden #lovemycycle #frausein #zyklus #naturverbindung #natureconnection
Join expert bushcrafter Hannah Nicholls and experienced forager Carol Hunt - Edible Wild for a long weekend of adventure and discovery this October. By deepening your awareness of the natural world you will learn how to exist safely and comfortably in the woods, and how to better care for the woods in return. If you've ever wanted to learn to build a cozy shelter, start a crackling fire without matches and cook delicious foraged foods over it or to identify our native trees and plants and gain an insight into the lives of the creatures that make the woods their home, this is the course for you! http://www.natural-pathways.co.uk/bushcraft-survival-course.php #event-opt  #bushcraft  #survival  #foraging  #wildfood  #natureconnection  #getoutdoors