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Un pezzo di cuore è rimasto a Montmartre 💙🌹
Music Fest may be done, but still lots of music themed art at @horsespiritartsgallery in #OEC The galleries that support my art are the best. Thank you to HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. #explorecolorandlight #hocoarts #ECAC
Lush and colorful soft corals adorn this piece of reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Corals provide vibrant oases of life in nutrient deficient waters. Sadly, they are adversely affected by any change in acidity or pH. When compared with pre-industrial levels, the oceans currently have a pH change of -0.11 with that prediction that this will rise to -0.23 by 2050 (negative numbers signify in increase in acidity on the pH scale). The corals in this picture cannot sustain life at this level and they will die. Where will you be in 33 years time? Whilst there are those that seek to discredit the science behind the relationship between C02 and climate, there is no serious dissent about the effects of the gas on the acidity of the oceans. Reducing C02 in the atmosphere is the only way to stop these corals from dying.