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I got him Sign it our pic taken at 2014 September, attending UNGA summit, NEW YORK 🇺🇸 3rd President of the Republic and Prime Minster “XANANA GUSMÃO” 🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱 #timorleste #timorlorosae #blogger #blog #bloggerstyle #intagram #instagramer #instapic #photo #photography #streetphotography #phtograph #photoshoot #blogphotography #blogphoto #cityphotography #cityscape #citylife #architecturephotography #menshobby #travel #travelblogger #travelphotography #adventure #discover #nationalgeography #camerashot #photoinframe #primeminister
Every time I go on a trip I always find out more about what kind of person I am. What I like. What I don’t like. What I enjoy more, and what I don’t care for. And this trip was no different. # I took my mom on this trip with me and gave the both of us a few days before the wedding to relax and do some cool adventuring! One adventure in particular that we took was to Cozumel. Such a beautiful island!! 🏝 # I booked a Jeep tour for us where we have a guid who takes us to where ever we’d like to go on the island. I had looked up things here and there of what to do, but honestly all I really wanted to see was Cozumel’s true authentic side. I like raw and real things. I hate touristy features. I try to get as far away from touristy things as much as possible when I explore. # We did go to a kakao tasting tour, and during the tour as cool as it was to taste all the different kinds that they hand made there...I started to feel anxious. Anxious because I wasn’t outside exploring this beautiful island. When we got back in the Jeep I told my tour guide, would we be able to go to the east side of the island (the side of the island that is the most deserted. Barely any shops or restaurants are there. Just looooong stretches of beaches and a few stops along the way), and find a beach there? I just want to swim and see all the sea life! He was confused at first, because most people want to do the tequila tours and this and that. But for me, the history of this place was outside. The beauty was all outside and that’s where I wanted to be!! Paco (the tour guide) completely delivered once he realized our request was simple. He brought us to the most beautiful places!! He drove us through the back streets of Cozumel (the real Cozumel, he called it) and showed us places with character like this beautiful blue home. # I don’t like or need flashy things. They can be fun, yes! But I love authentic and handmade beauty. Whether that be by God with his amazing gift of the beautiful blue ocean and wildlife in it. Or manmade like this house full of character. It’s inspiring to me. And something I could just bask in for hours and hours. 💙 #mexico #cozumel #travel #nationalgeography
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