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#notd using our marijuana leaf nail charm!
THE #Starbucks #keto drink ... just be sure to add the heavy whipping cream as I had to remind them. They always look at me like I just ordered a crazy drink. Not really though. I think it's crazy they don't offer low carb on the menu already
Nice nails 💅💅✨🙏👰💎🌸 Semua nail art #tokyonailcollection menggunakan #gelnail yang didatangkan langsung dari Jepang loh girls🙋 Why @tokyo_nail_collection ? 💅 semua peralatan&material dr Jepang 💅 proses pengerjaan cepat 💅 proses pengeringan cepat (10-30detik) 💅 langsung bebas beraktivitas sprti biasa 💅 kuat awet dan tahan lama (2-4minggu) 💅 GARANSI 1minggu 😱 Yuk buruan reservasi🙋 @grandindo west mall lt3 Jakarta Pusat ☎ 021-23580404/0812-8880-8649 @maltamananggrek lt1 Jakarta Barat ☎️ 021-5639465/0812-9884-9795 #nails #nailart #gelnailart #whitegradation #pearl #nailcute #lame #line #sparkling #colorgradation #ribbon #flower #nailcharm #silver #pink #japanesestyle #ネイルアートジァカルタ #nailartwow #ネイルアート #ジェルネイル #ネイル #かわいいネイル #ネイルアートジァカルタ #ネイルアートインドネシア
Acrylic 3d roses added to my etsy store. Link to site in bio. #3droses # nailart #etsyseller #nailcharm #naildecoration #smallbusiness #pressonnails
Beautiful nails by @nailsbytashalynn using our nail glitters 💙 Available at nailkandycharms.co.uk
So here's the first mani I did using one of the @bornprettystore 3D Flower Decoration Charms - item #38052, #11. 🌹 Remember the pack came with 2 of these charms, so you can use them for your accent nails on each hand. (I also used one of the stamping plates I received for review, and I have another design I'll be showing you for that plate.) I just love how the dark polish made the charm stand out. It barely fit my nail since I have them short, but it was a good size. To apply it, I put a coat of top coat and then placed it on. It actually held in place for a while, but if you plan to wear it for a longer time, then I suggest using nail glue to make it more secure. Isn't the charm so pretty!? 😍 I thought it gave the mani a delicate look, and the little gems were so shiny. ✨ Just gorgeous! Swipe left for Close-Ups! 🔎 ...& more pics. 😉 If you plan to make a purchase from @bornprettystore, remember to use my code ANNYW10 to get 10% off any regular priced items. Products Used: Teal: @glampolish_ "Werewolf of Fever Swamp" Silver: @bonitacolors "Bond, Jail Bond" Top Coat: @sechenails Seche Vite Manicure Saver Cotton Claw Tool: @bornprettystore item #32220 Clear Jelly Stamper: Born Pretty Store item #26498 Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store item #38741 (Floral BPX-L018) Charm: Born Pretty Store item #38052 ( #11)
Hi guys! 🙋 I was sent some items from Born Pretty Store to review, so over the next couple of days, I'll be showing you some manis I did using these items. 💅 Review⤵ I received: 🔹3D Flower Nail Decoration Charm - item #38052 ( #11) -You actually get 2 charms which I thought was good, in case you want to wear a charm on each hand. -The rose is a very light pink and the crystals shine beautifully. 🌹 -The charm mostly covered my nail, but I loved how it looked. 🔹Unicorn Stamping Plate (Harunouta-L045) - item #39130 -It has many fun and beautiful images, including the magical unicorns which I was so excited to use. -It also has: A Cupcake, Ice Cream, Castle, Rainbows, Crystals, Roses, Stars, etc. 🌈 -I didn't have any problems with picking up the images. 🔹Floral Stamping Plate (BPX-L018) - item #38741 -This gorgeous plate has: Leaves, Vines, Plants, Flowers, Birds and a Boot. 🍁 -I think the images are perfect for Spring and Fall. -I had no issues with picking up the images I used. 🔹Easter Stamping Plate (Harunouta-L033) - item #39124 -This plate is full of Easter and Spring images. 🐇 -I had a bit of difficulty picking up some images on this plate, especially the ones on the edges. I was going to use the little bunny saying "I ❤ Easter", but I had no success in picking it up. Overall, I was pleased with the items. ☺ Also, if you guys have any advice in picking up edge images, I'd really appreciate it. 😉 If you plan to make a purchase from @bornprettystore, remember to use my code ANNYW10 to get 10% off any regular priced items. 😘