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Faces of Sapa 🌧 • Met these sweet H'mong girls selling handmade items in the rain. Keychains being sold for only $1 USD and bracelets for 50 cents • It's disheartening to know that these girls aren't in school, since they are trying to earn some income for their family. Our tour guide mentioned that as soon as they are able to take their first steps, they are already out at the markets selling with their mothers.
Beers and burgers were consumed on the edge of this cliff which, after careful consideration, I've decided is where I would like to have all of my meals.
"You know, it's funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags."
Post-assignment meals.
When you're on a boat and you don't have anything to tie your hair up and you basically look like this and somehow emit the Michael Jackson crotch grab look #visitportugal #visitalgarve
my last life motto I swear 🌮
// adventure is that you out there?
🐜 • por onde vocês tem andado, tem encontrado verde pelo caminho colônia? #antility
103 degrees and the last day of school 🌵 #desertlife #schoolsoutforsummer
Summer fun ☀️💧 #touramigo 📷: @snowypalmtrees
Is it normal to miss a place you were only in for a few days? Because this is one of those places #sanfran #sf #sanfranciscobay #ileftmyheartinsanfrancisco #californialove
I'm writing a book about love and other forms of precious insanity.
Who else is revelling in these long daylight hours? London was an absolute beauty this evening, and with the sun stretching to nine, there seemed time aplenty to soak it in at work's end.
I'm on the plane about to take off for Bangladesh, four years since I left! I can't wait for the heat and mangoes and crazy rickshaw rides! And of course to be surrounded by people who enjoy wearing bright colours as much as I do! 💚💙💜💛❤️ #bridgetinbangladesh #beautifulbangladesh #intrepidtravelbootcamp #seetheworld
Why travel? because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.
I still have yet to make full sense of how a once active volcano can make perfectly shaped hexagonal pillars does that really matter? (No, because this place is still 🆒 af.) 🙌🙀 #giantscauseway #ireland
New York feat. fire escapes
Opulent irony at the one billion dollar Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. Just feet from the rising Atlantic Ocean and Damien Hirst's gold Mammoth installation, the Faena's outdoor, "under the sea" themed bar is expected to be literally realized within 85 years or so thanks to global warming 🌊🐙 . . . #latergram #miami #miamibeach #sobe #southbeach #globalwarming #bar #interiordesign #interior #interiors #decor #hotel #hotels #underthesea #mytinyatlas #travel #traveling #travelgram #instatravel #restaurant #travelphotography #miamiphotographer #decoration #architecturelovers #instapassport #abmlifeiscolorful #acolorstory #bbctravel
I posted a picture of this very pretty blooming bush the other day in Stories, but I still don't know what the name of this plant is? Any botanists slash garden pros know? 🌸
Finally a beach. Though the sand is black and the weather too cold too lay down there and relax.
Just maybe.
San Luis Obispo. • •
Ready to ride into the long weekend 🚲
You can walk the entire perimeter of Gili Air in an hour, with your feet never leaving the sand. Even on an island so small, it never gets too crowded and it's easy to find completely deserted beaches like this one. Paradise 🌴☀️ • • • • Gili Air, Indonesia - January 2016
French Quarter symmetry! Old and weathered and colorful perfection!
flower to house ratio is v nice
A while back @cat_v3ntur3s asked me what @jpavsek and I were going to do in @grandcanyonnps for a week. I honestly didn't know. Once we got there it was clear that in order to see all of Grand Canyon, you must go down the canyon. We headed over to back country office and got our ticket number to be on waitlist. We were able to secure two nights! Here is Bright Angel Campground in all its glory. I love sleeping by the creek. Reminded me of my time in Kaneohe, HI with @camhongpham and @jamiesheppard . It's so peaceful. This place is a beauty! Only took 11 miles on the the Kaibab Trail descending from 5,000 feet. It's my favorite campground this trip so far. 🏞🏕
Greeting you from Gravier Street in the CBD. Photo: @cara_loves
Built in the 14th century, Galata Tower may no longer be the tallest structure in the city, but it still cuts an imposing figure and allows a panoramic view of Istanbul 🇹🇷.
The Queen! Our bees @joshuaschiff_farmer. Do you see the queen with the white dot? Thanks to our Slovenia 🐝 hives these guys are super calm and happy! #bee #honeycomb #queenbee #thequeen #farmlife #honey #photography #photographer #myboyfriendiscool #adventuretime #mytinyatlas #slovenia #beelife #organicfarming #capecodlife #brewster #cbifarm @melpsea
In some places Palma reminded me of Cuba (or how I imagine Cuba to be). It's like time has stood still. There's a sudden roughness to the buildings and a slight decay. Fancy new hotel complexes, mixed with deserted, unfinished buildings. On our way to the beach we discovered an enormous abandoned mansion (it looked like a castle) in the middle of an suburban neighborhood in the hills. I really wish to do an photoshoot there someday. Lovely, surprising Palma💕
Outside of shooting in Squamish, I really love to travel and get inspired by new places. This photo is from my first ever trip solely dedicated to photography. The 1000+ year old temple pictured is insane, it just hangs off the side of the side of a mountain supported by a few spindly wooden posts in the rocks. Where do you love to shoot? What do you look for in a photography destination? ________ #travel #travelphotography #mytinyatlas #passionpassport #5secondvacay #lonelyplanet #worldnomads #jkinstachallenge
I've spent this past week recovering from an unexpected surgery and haven't been able to be as active as I would have liked. Luckily, I am starting to feel like myself again and am so happy to be catching up with everyone's lovely posts from the week. Feels so good to be back💓 * * * * * * #santorini #greekislands #keepexploring #traveladdict #fantasticearth #jetsetter #mytinyatlas #wearetravelgirls #suitcasetravels #darlingescapes #youdotravel #travellingtheworld #travlr #thetravelwomen #igtravel #globewanderer #exploretheworld #thetravellersway #expediapic #beautifuldestinations #igtravel #huffpostgram #travellife #globewanderer #worlderlust #travelbug #travelstoke #queenofviews #roamtheplanet #traveldeeper #makingmoments
Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, keeps watch over the gardens. She's been pooped on; hopefully it brings her good luck. 🌱
Some things just beg to be Instagrammed... Getting some Wonderland vibes from this
'the universe was never something she feared, but an endless road she would travel carrying a suitcase full of flowers and a pocket full of promises to herself, she intended to keep' ✧ // #jeanettexcalifornia #jetsetjeanette
[myanmar is the goldenland, a country with beautiful smiling people with various historic backgrounds, but it also has a dark - superstitiously dark side. i cannot just tell it since i know only a little. in two weeks i could only capture a glimpse of this wonderful land and its people but i will be back for more] #yangon
When 90% of your office is sick, you've gotten almost no sleep in the past four days and 🐥 👑 delivers. #spicymisowiththatspicebomb
don't worry mom, it was 0 proof
Wisconsin's largest waterfall flows over dolomite rock at the Niagara Escarpment and looks real nice in spring. 💦 #greenbay #travelwi #wisconsin #lovegb
Into the blue 💦🐠🐟 // @bestjobers
The Musée Rodin is housed in the Hôtel Biron, an 18th century mansion in Paris' 7th arrondissement. 🖤
Everyday he reminds me that life is meant to be an adventure of wandering into the unknown. So I'm never surprised when he grabs me by the hand and we venture through mist and fog to magnificent places. Little does he know he's my favorite adventure, because he keeps me on my toes and we never know where we'll end up next...Mountain peaks or oceans wide? He's my anchor and my compass.
We only wear black and eat olives when we are together @emilypwheeler 🕶🍸Thanks for the photo, @drewaltizerphotography
melting snow + spring rain = waterfall season #waterfallwednesday
Rehusándose a ir ante el otoño - Refusing to go . . . . . #wanderfolk #buenosaires
It's been nice Minneapolis but I can't wait to get back home ✈️
Brooklyn bridge, New york 2010! #igers #city #travel #canon #newyork
Beautiful time in the clouds at the Pisgah Inn for my mom's birthday! So dark and mysterious in the land of the sky and earth meeting. Please follow me @expedition_runaway for more photos of travel and adventure!
Never doubt yourself—the world is yours for the taking 💪🏼
For her trip through Africa, @lucismorsels knew she would need some seriously versatile duds, for some seriously diverse weather. Our Ember Tee fit the bill. Link in bio. #toadandco #trailtotavern #keepgoodcompany #livewelldogood
Obsessed with this place because, I mean, look at that tiling 😍😍
Sun's out ☀️