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My first time seeing @bdwmusic in concert and it definitely won’t be my last. What a beautiful heart he has. #blessed #setfreetour2017 #mystory #lionofjudah
Day 2 of our Seminar in Madrid and we have a little surprise for everyone at the end. 😉 I Can’t Wait 😊 Thanks so much to @crossfit_las_rozas_2018 for allowing us to use the gym for the past 2 days! 💕 @shaneorr01 💕 @facundoe . . . 📸 @iko_pb . . #crossfit #crossfitgames #seminars #allthingatrainingandcoaching #competitionprep #mentalpreparation #philosophy #nutrition #recovery #trainwithtia #weightlifting #gymnastics #endurance #programming #mystory #enjoythejourney
The Face Of Depression. • Ich fühle mich leer und vollzugleich. Eine kleinigkeit reicht und alles kommt hoch. Die Welt geht für mich unter. #Borderline lässt mich fühlen als wenn ich alles 10 mal stärker fühle als zuvor. Wie ein Tornado im ganzen Körper. Beine , Arme,Füsse , Waden, Bauch, Brust, Arme ,Kopf alles fühlt sich anders an, anders schlimm,taub und doch am Kribbeln vor Angst und Panik und Wut, so als wenn man mich die ganze Zeit unter Wasser drückt und ich nie wieder auftauche um nach Luft zu schnappen. Das schreien hilft nicht , das weinen macht müde. Ich schlafe ein wenn ich Glück habe , und alles beginnt von vorne... manchmal bin ich stärker und manchmal sind es die Monster in mir ⚘ #thefaceofdepression #realtalk #mystory #myfeelings #borderline #depression #depressionen #youtube #makeup #lanadelrey #änste #antidepressiva
Kể chuyện chủ nhật. Hôm qua chở em Ti đi triệt sản xong về em ấy co ro nằm khóc sưng mắt bác sĩ dặn phải chăm sóc em ấy tử tế thế là tối bế vào phòng cho ngủ chung. Trước khi đi đã tắm cho em Ti thơm như cục bông rồi nhe nên thôi ngủ luôn. Sáng trời mưa bác sĩ nt bảo ra nhanh nhanh để ko bác sĩ đi về 2 đứa cuống cuồng quáng quàng đi tắm bắt taxi chở em Ti đi. Ra chích cho 3 mũi sợ quá khóc huhu. Em Ti quậy như vậy mà khóc rồi nằm im re ko cục cựa thì chắc là đau đau lắm. Thôi hy vọng em Ti mau khỏi bệnh tui sẽ trưa nào cũng tranh thủ chạy về chở em Ti đi bác sĩ chích vào mông nhe. Đời sen sáng nay lau dọn 2 cái nhà tắm 1 cái ban công giặt đồ đủ các kiểu thật là phê lòi ra. Mà nếu ko sạch em Ti sẽ bị nhiễm trùng mất. Dù em Ti lâu lâu hư thật là hư nhưng em là con gái mà phải thương thương em ha. Ôi chỉ có thể là chủ nhật. 🙄 #mypet #mystory #mysundays #tithedog
It’s important to remember where you start we all have our own stories. At my heaviest friends or family never confronted the elephant in the room ( my weight) instead it was a medical profession. That was awkward and hard to cop with. Although I’ve come far I still have a long road ahead of me. Now knowing that I have a heart condition it’s a priority to move forward and not backwards. It took someone to be honest to me before I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror. Sometimes that’s what we all need right? Someone to be completely honest rather than lie or ignore the truth. But enough of about me I thought I would share a blurb of my story since I rarely do that. #mystory #mytransformation #transformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #healthynotskinny #healthyliving #apartofme #dontlookback #moveforward #selflove #loveyourself #chooseyou
Today part 11 🤗🤗🤗 thank you mommy2 😘😘😘 #arisanlibels #westory #womantime #together #mystory #myjourney #mommytime
Greece - Someday I’m going to be here looking at this exact flowers 💐 face to face. 😂 I love to travel. Travel makes me free. . My first encounter of loves for business is through wholesale centre at Pasar Baru, Bandung Indonesia. The first moment I step in 3 years ago, I just have that hunched that I should start small somewhere. And I did with only 10 pieces of Telekungs & about 10 pairs of mum & Daughter hijabs. Husband said just give it a try, no harm. When I came home, I started to share on fb & some in group Whatsapp. And within 3days, item was all sold. It was just amazing to be able to sell all. I couldn’t describe how excited & amazed I was even if the quantity is too little to start with. ☺️ I’m contented. I’m happy. I actually did it. There it is, that’s the momentum that drives me till today. My kids, my husband & my mum, they are my medicines, to stand up after every fall I’ve made. For the past 3 years, I could only thank Allah, my family & my followers for sticking by me from the start. I started from Facebook, to make a name of my hard work. I targeted 5 years to be recognised. Am I hope I can do better for everyone’s need. Journey don’t stop here, I’m always striving. I’m always learning. No matter what, don’t stop believing. Aamiin. 🧕🏻 . Gonna be busy with set up today. Will write again on my thoughts of the day & my life journey. ❤️ . #arinacollection #mystory #someofit #catchupagain #instadaily
Gave up and am using this one...this pic will self destruct eventually 🤓😝 Thank you @dylan_simone for tagging me for a #sds you are a beauty & I adore you✨ #justmeandmywords #saturdaynight #zerochill #buymepizza #tellmeimpretty #nofilter #womenwhowrite #womeninrecovery #sobersquad #happylife #behappy #happiness #beautiful #creativepeople #writersofig #bestfriends #myloves #mylife #mystory tagging a few to show your lovely mugs 😁❤️✨
Day 40. Be swift to remember. I️ liked the word swift but not the word iniquity in verse 45, so, I️ swapped the words. At times I️ find myself crazy busy; this state is not good because I️ forget things, I️ don’t sleep well, my house is cluttered, and I️ miss out in connecting with my family and my Savior. Nephi tells his brothers that they could not feel the voice of the Lord because they had cluttered their hearts with doubts, anger and wickedness. Heavenly Father had to get their attention with a “voice like unto thunder.” Likewise, being too busy can deafen our hearts and minds from the still small voice - and, these “busy” activities can keep us from doing the things that truly matter most like taking time to help a neighbor, do homework with your child, read scriptures or like me—Pray!! #spirituallyfed #messybookofmormonjournaling #bookofmormon #lds #ldsgeneralconference2017 #followtheprophet #mystyle #mystory #illustratedbookofmormon #illustratedfaith #shadowofrosesinmyoldhouse
Abandoned, lonely, hope, future, promises- one can see an art piece in so many ways - only an artist is able to tell the story behind her artwork. Beautiful mixed media by Faten #lovetopaint #art #artstudio #artologybh #artclasses #oils #acrylicpainting #simplepleasures #emptyheart #artinterpretation #mystory #bahrainart #bahrain #saudi #adultartclasses