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Drove a bunch of kids aside and did this as their moms watched. Euphoric.
I drove around from Guhwati to Shillong. My back ached but I was smiling throughout the way. The weather change is a constant here. Sometimes I frowned under the blazing sun and smiled a while later as it drizzled. Sometimes those drizzle hit my bare skin like million needless, blurring my vision. Sometimes I took a detour only to realize I went 60KMs in the opposite route, and sometimes I stopped in the middle of nowhere only to discover that my bare skin is now all red. But amidst all such huddle, when you get stuck up by such views, you really don't mind all the hustle in the end. Hello from Meghalaya, you. :* Also I will be needing a favor. Does anyone of you know any unexplored remote place here. I have a spare day. :)
Dramatic clouds, nature is good in low tones!!