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@njantraget's "แกงเขียวไม่หวาน" Thanks again for the late meal!
#8020bkk ... the homies @8020bkk and #chefprin of Nahm fixing up a super late night dinner for us, appreciate the love! Thanks fellas!!! 👏🏻
On the menu: Matjes herring • Potato • Sour cream • Seaweed bread crumble • Chives • Dill • Pickled onion • Quail egg • Browned lemon butter foam. Ceramic plate by @mahamx
Macerated fruits mascarpone and chocolate plate By @food_by_sean Use the hashtag #porcelaincanvas For a chance to get featured
Sardines 🐟🐟are a staple of the portughese cuisine. This is a traditional dish called 'sardinhas assadas': grilled sardines served with boiled potatoes and salad. There's so much flavour in this dish and the quality and freshness of the fish truly stands out 👌 👩🏻‍🍳You can find sardinhas assadas in almost any restaurant in Lisbon, but for a truly authentic experience, try the small local restaurants outside the historic city area 👌 #sardinhas #lisboafood
Idag har jag gjort en asiatisk glasnudelsallad till en Yoga-grupp som är på besök i fjällen. Salladen är gjord på glasnudlar med kyckling, grapefrukt, sugar snaps, cashewnötter, crispsallad och massor av koriander. Till salladen serverades en dressing på soja, vitlök, chili, lime och fisksås...🍜 Today i made a glass noodle salad with chicken, cashew, sugar snaps, grape fruit and lots of koriander. I also made a dressing of soya, fish sauce, lime, chili and garlic...🍜
Tomato and goats cheese By @stationroadlochness Use the hashtag #porcelaincanvas For a chance to get featured
Coconut, pandan, chocolate. We'll be serving this, one last time next Friday night.
Stuffed buns for hungry mouths. New banquet menu coming soon @sitkarestaurant. Couple of tables still up for grabs tonight. Come say 🙌.
Strawberries, half salt buttermilk, peppered meringue & sour flowers by @lemousso 🍓🌸 Use hashtag #epicplateup for a chance to get featured.