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“How we treat our land, how we build upon it, how we act toward our air and water, in the long run, will tell what kind of people we really are.” | L.S. Rockefeller
Dave begins the 60 meter rappel down Twin Falls🏔 #hyalitecanyon #iceclimbing #mypubliclands
This man right here. The best!! Hands down, the cats ass! 💞 Oh, and the Grand Canyon was awesome too!
Rainy landscapes in N. California. Traveling along the Shasta River Canyon road it looked like it was 10 pm at night but it was only 1 in the afternoon on the way to our little gold mine town of Yreka in Shasta Valley. #onlyinnortherncalifornia #norcalhiking , #blmwild #mypubliclands , #usinterior #bureauoflandmanagement
Heavy frost and ice crystals in the air this morning. Siskiyou Mountain dreamscapes in N. California. #onlyinnortherncalifornia #norcalhiking , #blmwild #mypubliclands , #usinterior #bureauoflandmanagement
I just opened an online shop (follow link in profile to save 20% on your first order) to celebrate I'm giving away 6 sets of mini prints! To win, you must follow me and tag two friends who dig totality! Winners will be picked at random on Thanksgiving! This set is from the moment of totality during the Great American Eclipse as seen from Malheur National Forest in Central Oregon.
The fire got away from us on Thursday. This happens from time to time so we are always prepared. Normally we would take care of spots like this with leaf blowers, fire rakes, and water. But we happened to have a #bulldozer handy and one of our guys needed more experience plowing a break. We call them "prescribed" burns, not "controlled". We don't want to give ourselves the illusion that we are really in control of the flame. This is one that it killed me to put out, it was a beautiful backing fire going down the hill, it would have been great for the understory. #fire #wildfire #forestry #georgiawildlife #mypubliclands #publiclandsproud #firefighting #prescribed fire
Did you know we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of Lowry Pueblo's designation as a National Historic Landmark? Step inside and #DiscoverForYourself! . Lowry Pueblo was designated as a national Historic Landmark in the 1960s and is managed as part of the Bureau of Land Management's Canyons of the Ancients National Monument. As one of the most significant developed, stabilized and interpreted prehistoric pueblos from its time period, the site continues to play a vital role in the BLM's mission to preserve and educate the public about the depth and significance of Native American culture. . Lowry Pueblo is a large complex with 40 rooms, eight underground ceremonial rooms and a community ceremonial structure (aka a great kiva) 47 feet wide. The great house and great kiva were occupied in A.D. 1100s, and Lowry Pueblo is a great house found like those found in Chaco Canyon. #fourcorners #mypubliclands #bureauoflandmanagement #getoutside #exploremore #colorado #colorfulcolorado #coloradogram #canyonsoftheancients
For the 3rd year in a row, @thenationalparksgirl and I are in the southwest for Thanksgiving adventures. Over the next week, we’ll be working our way through Arizona’s national parks and other gems! I’ll be posting stories from the journey, so stayed tuned!
"A weird lovely fantastic object out of nature, like Delicate Arch, has the curious ability to remind us... that out there is a different world, older and greater and deeper by far than ours..." -Edward Abbey. This is Delicate Arch on medium format. #getoutside #optoutside #desertsolitare #archesnationalpark #delicatearch #visitutah #utahrocks #utahisrad #desertphotography #lifeelevated #mypubliclands #istillshootfilm #mamiyac330 #120film #6x6film #filmphotography #landscapephotography #blackandwhitephotography #findyourpark #nps101
As the days get shorter, hours of light get ever more precious... and magical. #fromwhereirun #crispfallmorning
One more of Nevada, and I'm off to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. This here is Lake Mead. Here you'll find fishin', boatin', floatin', and a hilly 35 mile bike path, that I once took my mountain bike on. My legs felt like two solid sticks of cement by the time I was done, so I'd probably suggest a road bike 😆 to those of you looking to do something different next time you're in Vegas.