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Watching this woman continue to make her mark on this city (world) is a beautiful sight! 🏙👑
I've been shooting at the beach more often than not lately! And I love it! So blessed to live close to the coast. - #fujixt1 #xf23mm
Come hell or high water • #fujifilmx_us
I gave this hustle everything I got.
One more from yesterday...sometimes ideas just evolve into something bigger. A quick text of a photoshopped studio image becomes this... Natural light and no photoshop. . . . #waterportrait #waterportraits #theportraitpr0ject #cherry #cherries #makeportraits #myfujifilm
DIY flowers Kari makes nice arrangements.
I shot this spider Monday evening and didn't see the two little green bugs underneath it until I developed the photo in Lightroom. #fujixt2, #myfujifilm
The dress ..... As good as this looks, with Kari innit, it's beyond stunning. Big thanks to my impromptu assistant @pincushioncate
St. Paul, MN. June 16, 2017. Following the announcement of the verdict in the Jeronimo Yanez case, people took to the streets in protest. #PhilandoCastile
Chillin' with @frankwaln at Millennium Park!
The girl with the most contagious laugh // No joke, before this shoot we sat and spoke about life and kept laughing for an hour or so with little pauses to say "We should go shoot now!" Only to go back into conversations filled fits of laughter.
cap de Carteret