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These lunar-esque huts sprinkle the landscape around the Krafla Power Station. . Nearby, the crater Víti sits, once the core of a volcano. In Icelandic, Víti means Hell. An appropriate name for a place with with the hottest superheated water on the planet.
Baristas of Streamer Coffee Company [2] 美味しいラッテは出勤が終わった後の楽しみです! @tigeronizuka @streamercoffeecompany #tokyo #coffeeshop #latteart #barista
The wait is over • #steezc
I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I’d like. There have been a lot of big changes in my personal life, all positives don’t worry, but these changes take up a lot of my time. Doing creative things less as a professional pursuit and more for fun and for myself has been incredibly refreshing. I’m incredibly thankful for those that have always supported me with everything I do. I’m going to keep posting, but I think this profile will transition into more of a visual journal than a portfolio. Hope y’all enjoy!
Considering letting this beauty go ✨📸🤔