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Trespassing 🖖🏼
Meet Raoul. He’s an expert forager and all round interesting fellow, who I spent a little time with yesterday as part of a quiet overnight getaway @tudorfarmhousehotel. Foraging season is coming to an end now so I didn’t expect to find much, but I still managed to make new discoveries on our wander. Will share more with you soon! 🍂🌲
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working on Christmas cards for almost a month now, but I’ve felt SO ready to embrace the Christmas/Winter vibe for a while now. Today I have added some wintery details around our little home ❤️🌿. I know some people don’t like thinking about Christmas too early, and I do understand that, but for me it’s such a comfort to get excited about it when the cold dark nights draw in. How do you feel about it? 🎄
Not quite Thanksgiving yet but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄 . Well at least partially. It’s Thanksgiving eve and I’m excited for this much needed few days off! . . What are your holiday plans? UK friends, what would you be doing? 😂 #mycountrysidetonic #country_features
"Anger as soon as fed is dead- 'Tis starving makes it fat." - Emily Dickinson Anger is a creeper. We think he comes at once and with a bang but that’s only when he decides to introduce himself. Anger moves slowly and deliberately, careful not to be heard or noticed. He lingers over our heads for days, sometimes months, before we realise not only our thoughts, but also our feelings got tarnished. Anger is sticky. Like a sticky toffee pudding. Like a chewing gum you chewed for too long and now you can’t get it off your fingers. You think the storm is over, he left, but it turns out it’s the hurricane season. He’s here to stay. He’s been starved and fattened, all at once. Anger is a liar. Never trust a word he says. He has his own agenda and it’s not to tell the truth. It’s to hurt. Destroy. Tear apart. And shatter. And he loves talking. He talks and talks, and shouts and shouts, and screams, and spits, and bites. And then it’s too late. Lately I find myself drowning in pools of anger. Sometimes they’re oceans, other times - puddles but overall, there’s more water than land. I’m angry with those who wronged me and I can’t let go. I’m angry with the universe for keeping on punishing me physically and acceptance doesn’t come as easily anymore. I’m angry with myself. And that might be yet the worst. I think we should talk more about our feelings before they start suffocating us. So I’d like to open the discussion and invite you to join me. Have you been through something similar? Do you know of any anger management techniques? What is the one emotion you have too much of at the moment? What does it feel like? Pour yourself a cuppa and let’s have a chat.
These dreamy window views... if only I woke up to this view daily🍃/// #moodofmywindow #thisjaneaustenlife #simplethingsmadebeautiful
"You know you're on a good walk when you're on the wrong side of a river and there are twigs in your hair." [My sister, 2017] . Walks with my sister usually involve trespassing, or 'roaming' as she calls it, since trespassing is not technically illegal in Scotland. Here, she has decided that a path made by foxes leads back to our car. . . . #letsgetlost #thewildnesstonic #scotspirit #naturelovers #impressionsofautumn #novemberdays #winterstories #aprettyishkindof_wilderness #landscapelover #letswander #kindredmoments #wondermore #lifeunscripted #untoldvisuals #thehappynow #mytinyatlas #mistymilkyfoggymoody #ournaturedays #myodetoautumn #countrylife #mymonthofsundays #inspiredbynature #thenatureletters #stayandwander #verilymoment #tostandandstare #slowautumndays #aseasonalyear #thisismykingdom #mycountrysidetonic
Eva has gone on an overnight tramp today. One of those ‘survive in the wild’ type of tramps where you are responsible for yourself, sleep rough, take your own food, water, makeup, toilet paper, compass, torch etc. Eva’s mother has been quite preoccupied with other things and perhaps hasn’t been as interested in the tramp (and her child’s survival) as she should have been. ‘Mum - how am I going to heat up my waffles?’ ‘Waffles?’ ‘Yes, I’ve made waffles for my tramping breakfast. 🥞 I was thinking some kind of a double boiler situation. You know - a bowl in a pot and heat them somehow.’ ‘A double boiler situation - in the bush?!’ ‘Well duh Mum 🙄, there’s no microwave is there!’ . . Do you think I should have taken more interest? My mother will tell me I’ve gone wrong with my children. 😂😳
She did not need much, wanted very little, a kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cosy bed and to love and be loved in return. (S.N. Blade) Hands up those who like me, feel this way... . . . #gardentovase #simplethings #visualcrush #sharemystyle #verilymoment #thesimpleeveryday #caughtflowerhanded #mycountrysidetonic #inasoftlight #todayfrommygarden
I am currently really loving the weather and the coziness it brings to my home. I have to study a lot which means staying at home is a thing anyways :) Even though it’s really nice to be in a warm place when it’s rainy and cold outside I really get good feelings when I look at this picture and remember when we walked around in San Gimignano under a 26°C sun :) Do you like November weather?
• How can you say you know me, When you’ve only seen my skin, And not the untamed world I hide, That’s growing deep within, You haven’t heard my ribs all creak, Behind each plaited vine, Or swum beneath the waterfall, That cascades down my spine, You’ve not been here for long enough, To watch a new life start, Or find the run-down castle, Lying just inside my heart, You haven’t climbed the branches, That are wrapped around each lung, Swaying with the breezes, That come dancing past my tongue, Don’t mark me with your footprints, If you plan to leave too soon, And only want to know me, When my plants are all in bloom, Because the birdsong might be pretty, But it’s not for you they sing, And if you think my winter is too cold, You don’t deserve my spring. - EH
One of my favourite glass houses, I love the windows 🌿 . . Sorry I haven't been super active on here lately I kinda lost my ig mojo but I'm going to be trying to post more frequently again. Life has been pretty busy lately and I haven't had chance or been inspired to take many new photos (or in fact do many creative things lately). How do you get through a creative block or be more inspired? I'd love to know!😊