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Just a month to go until Christmas Day! Are you feeling festive yet? Started the Christmas shopping? We think this weekend is a good time to get prepared, so we’re making lists and carefully prodding friends and family for any ideas! If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not head to plumandashby.co.uk for a selection of beautiful smelling and looking products that are all made in England ☺️ the receiver will love them! And this weekend, you can enjoy free standard UK delivery on orders over £10 🤗 winning all round! #plumandashby
Milton Keynes in all it's Autumn glory earlier this week. It's definitely not living up to it's reputation of roundabouts and concrete cows! ☺ The MK that I know is full of green open space, ancient woodland, canalside walks and pretty cottages.☺ In other news, today promises to be full to the brim with inspiring friends and creativity. I will be posting pics on Stories and telling you all about it. ☺ Have a lovely Saturday. I'd love to hear what you're up to. ☺☺💕
⚘Nov.25 On mytable˖ ˖ ˖ 𓏲܀𓂃𓏲܀𓂃𓏲܀ Have a wonderful weekend ☺︎♩ ┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄ 𓇝𓏲vase : #二階堂明弘 𓊸𓈒𓂂cup : #片瀬和宏 : : : : : : : : : : #pottery #ceramics #calligraphy #theweekoninstagram #instagramjapan #madetocreate #naughtyteas #coffeeandseasons #playingwithpetals #handsinframe #cupandhandsseries #花とうつわとわたしの手 #花のある暮らし #暮らしを楽しむ #うつわを楽しむ #今週もいただきます #コーヒータイム #サニサン #カリグラフィー
After a busy morning having a slow afternoon is just what I needed. Just a reminder I am having a sale in my shop 10% off prints, excludes print sets, calendars, and postcards. . . Please give it a look, link in profile.
Cold weather pleasures 🍁
Очень хочу поделиться этим теплым нежным букетом 😍 А какие ваши любимые цветы?
#mood the light is fading now my soul is running on a puff that I cannot reach my brain is turnin'
First Christmas read of the year!! I’m a seasonal reader so I like reading darker books when the weather gets colder and the days gets darker. Then boom, in the run up to Christmas, I’m all about lighthearted, festive reads 🎄 I’m super excited to start Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher which should be fun & romantic & inspirational & ~ wonderful ~✨ #ad #somekindofwonderful #bookstagram @mrsgifletcher
Time to pick me a winner. 😘 🎄
In the very back of our garden is treasure. It’s buried in with rubbish and broken glass, old pieces of copper piping and cement, but if you fetch yourself a pair of thick gloves and put on a Protestant work ethic attitude, you’ll soon end up with interesting bottles, pottery, and tile. The Lefty Economist thought I was nuts for collecting these pieces but it felt like beachcombing to me; I was completely unable to resist taking the pretty pieces as they appeared. There’s a saying: “catch the joy as it flies” and this is what I was doing in the backyard with the thick gloves and the working attitude, and this is what I try to do each day when I’m not in the very back of my garden but out in the world. Catching the joy as it flies. Keeping the good little moments close. Remembering that those moments outweigh the bad. •
Is it time yet? Garlands, wreaths & trees? Mistletoe kisses? Brown paper packages tied up with string? Home made mince pies? Candlelight carols? Frosty woodland walks?
Does your child find any phonics particularly hard? C finds it difficult with h and n, he thinks they’re both n. I think I should find a few more words that start with h for him to practise. Please help me come up with some more 3-letter words that start with h! #phonicswitha4yearold