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🚤 Throwback to La Bella Vita 🚤 (328/365)
#tbt // Baby E is already almost 4 months old. Very rare that I shoot birth or fresh 48 sessions but this one was really great. 😻
Makes me wanna dance 💃🏽🕺🏽 • • • • • #justgoshoot #visualsoflife #passionpassport #my_365 #theoutbound #flashesofdelight
Shopping with girls is SO much more fun!! Miss V was pretty excited to get some new clothes & of course these fuzzy pink "ear puffs" 💕 . . . . #shopping #girltime #girls #kids #newclothes #growingsofast #lovethatface
When life gives you diverging miniature railway tracks, take a foot selfie 🚂
Good day at the track🐎
Taken only two weeks ago and now this week, it’s covered in snow. That was quick! Can’t wait for the thaw so we can continue the adventures back there. #hikeak #alaska
To be fearlessly know, courageously loved and wonderously chased after. In our personal journey we are entering into a season of international adoption. We are so excited, and yet crazy nervous. It is a huge step, a leap and I don’t hardly feel qualified and some days I wonder if we are making the right decision. Solely because I see so many other families around us who could do it better in my mind. Ones who have greater resources or a higher capacity to extend themselves. However, each time I look to the Lord, His answer is always this: Laura, I am calling YOU and your family into this. You are enough for this and I am bigger than all your fears. So today we lean into fear and doubt and all the unknowns and say we are stepping forward because we know that this calling is so much bigger than us and what we have to give. We feel incredibly honored and inadequate to be here, and yet here we are jumping in. So might I challenge those of you like me who think they aren’t ready, that someone else can accomplish what God is calling them into better, may I ask you to get with the Lord and see what He says. For I can sure tell you, following in obedience there is the most freeing reward. We do not have to be free of fear to step into the things we are called to. Instead we simply need to lean into Jesus, hang on tight, maybe close our eyes and get ready for the journey He leads us through. Not free of pain and surrender to be sure, but filled with more freedom and hope and security than all your wildest dreams to be sure. So maybe all of our white picket dreams aren’t the most important thing. Maybe seeking to wholeheartedly seek the Lord with all we have is. Maybe a perspective change is all we truly need.