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Long distance friendships are tough but once you see your friends again you just click #portrait #portraitphotography
Hummingbird in Arizona #throwback
The best Käsespätzle in Vorarlberg
My soul's a private place. Photo @catolein
I met this man just South of Times Square on 44th street. We had a quick chat about life and how he always wanted to be a professional rugby player - traveling the world and giving his all to the sport. Sadly, he told me how his life took a downturn due to medical problems from a freak boating accident he was involved in around the summer of 2002, preventing him from ever stepping foot on a field again. He has hope for the future though, as his two sons are both excelling in their respective sports, ballet and chess. He feels that he can live his fleeting dreams through them instead, and help them learn from his mistakes. All in all, what an interesting character of a man, especially considering that this man is a horse.
Dreamy morning learning about cheese and italian wines #cheese #wine #french #italian #breakfast