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前幾日想食啲經典香港野,所以走左去試美心MX既大師級叉燒!系幾好味,個重量級叉燒三寶飯真系好多料食到好飽好滿足🤤🤤 . . . . #香港美食 #大師級叉燒 #懷舊 #童年回憶 #maximsMX #maxims #MX #maxim
Recently, @brakemagazine, put out a great video on why MX boots are best for dual sport and ADV riding. Anyone else wear MX boots for dual sport/ADV? I'm currently using some "dual sport" boots, which I love because they're lightweight and all-day comfortable, but the trade-off is the lack of protection that you get from a more armored and heavier motocross boot. What's your take on wearing MX boots for ADV, Enduro and Dualsport riding? If you are rocking MX boots, what are you wearing and how do you like them? I'm learning towards the @sidimotousa X-3 boots, which are intended for offroad/enduro use without going with a full MX boot like the Crossfire 3. I've always wanted a pair of Sidi boots since I was a kid, they're the highest quality, best protection and just ooze Italian style! Anyone wearing these? #dualsportlife #braap #dualsport #adv #advrider #offroad #moto #offroadmoto #mx #motocross #mxboots #sidi #sidiboots #dirtbikes #dirtbike #enduro #bikelife #mxgear
This weeks issue of @tmxnews on sale tomorrow...👌👌 #tmxnews #tmxlove #mx #trials #enduro #grabacopy
Dialling in the Dead Bug will go a long way to improving your stability on the bike and in the gym. Awesome tips below 👇 _ #Repost @powerathletehq ( @get_repost) ・・・ How do you get better at Dead Bugs? Do more Dead Bugs. — The primary thing to focus on as you work on these is trunk position. You need to keep your "spine painted on the ground." If your: 1. low back starts to come off the ground 2. ribs elevate 3. tailbone comes off the ground 4. neck "cranes" / cervical spine goes into extension 5. head comes off the ground 6. knees go into flexion to release the hammy stretch 7. hips go into extension to release the hammy stretch ... then you have failed. — Basically, if your position changes, you fail. Either get back into position immediately or rest until you are capable of regaining the good position. — Now, assuming you have good trunk position we need to challenge that. How we do that is by flexing your hips as much as you can with your tail bone on the ground while maintaining locked quads and dorsiflexed feet. Feet are also "forward" relative to a standing position. If you are duck footed may God have mercy on your soul you will need to actively internally rotate your legs from your hips. — Your ability to mobilize your trunk during the active hamstring stretch in "the home position" and in any subsequent progression of the Dead Bug will transfer over to your ability to mobilize your trunk in the primary lifts: Squat, deadlift, press, bench, and power clean. — Try it out. How long can you hold the home position of the Dead Bug without breaking? — Fun fact, when we refer to the trunk we refer to everything from your head to your hips. Some people call this a core but John Welbourn hates it when people refer to his mid-section as a core... “Apples have cores. Don't compare me to an apple.” #PowerAthlete #EmpowerYourPerformance #MastersOfMovement #Deadbug #Warmup