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Ceramic Earrings & The Raw Cotton Shirt with Ceramic Buttons | Handmade by @a.lu.f |
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Working on my portrait skills. Looking for muses! #ThisIs first edition: Keiko. Daughter, Wife, Mother. Hometown: 🇯🇵Yokohama🇯🇵 Current Home: 🗽NYC 🗽 In Her Own Words: "You have to love yourself because you want to share that love with others." . . . . . #blackandwhite #blackandwhiteonly #白黒写真 #白黒 #NYC #ニューヨーク #photography #photographer #muse #bw #bnw #sonyalpha #a6300 #hometown #cameraman #女性 #女 #woman #thisisnyc
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The world is broken💥 Halos fail to glisten🌟 You try to make a difference🌤 But no one wants to listen.🙉 #neutronstarcollision #muse #fog #earlymorning #po #bridge
Door LOVE 💕
#Repost @muse ・・・ MEXICO! Muse are headlining @palnorteoficial in Monterrey on 20-21 April 2018. Tickets available Friday. Details at muse.mu 🇲🇽 #TecatePalNorte18 // 📸 by @hpvv ‼️ #muse #liveinconcert #announced #mexico #live #palnorteoficial #headlining #savethedate
F O R E S T Green Liberty Biker Love • SHOP ONLINE • Pre - Christmas Delivery 📦
Not only can you make a cash donation to our #iHeartSoCal fire relief effort... but you can also bid on auction items from #RedHotChiliPeppers #Muse #CageTheElephant #ThirtySecondsToMars and more! Bidding starts at just $20 - go to ALT987fm.com/iheartsocal (link in bio!)
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B R I D E S✨ ⠀ Calling all brides, this ones for you! Personally I think all brides should get eyelash extensions even if you are not the makeup-wearing-glamour type of bride (there's a style for you!) Here are my top 5 reasons why bridal lashes are a must. 1- Crying . This is number one because we all know there will be a lot of tears going on , -Yes crying isn't good for lash retention but it is good for not having that mascara running down your cheeks and your lashes will still look really pretty even after crying , no clumps or chunks ! 2- Lashes make you feel like a goddess. Lashes have this type of way with your face. You can be wearing absolutely no makeup at all , just lashes and feel like a total bombshell ! Perfect for your wedding day/week because you should feel THAT good. 3- Eye brightening ! Let's face it sleep is not an option for most brides especially the night before but with lashes on no one can tell because they open up the eye area convincing people you got those 8 hours. 4-Time , hello , who has time for anything extra when getting ready for a wedding! Bridal shower? , Rehearsal dinner?, Dinners with incoming guests? , Meetings with the vendors? ,Lashes have your back! Eliminating all that getting ready time so you can focus on the details is what really matters . 5-Photography , you WILL look better in pictures . Extensions make the eyes appear bigger , the lash line darker and your face more proportionate and everyone knows how much the camera loves symmetry ! When getting lashes done for your wedding, especially if you have never had them before I would suggest booking a full set 2-3 weeks before and then a fill a couple of days before the actual wedding. This way you can work out all the kinks , like what style and length you actually want , eliminating allergies and sensitivities, making sure there is no red eye , learning how the lashes last on you and training yourself not to touch them or sleep on them and of course getting that much fuller the second time around , all things to give you flawless bridal lashes. 👰🏼👰🏻👰🏽👰🏾
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Hoy se confirmó quienes encabezarán el @palnorteoficial 2018, este 20 y 21 de abril. #muse #queensofthestoneage #bumbury #justice #franzferdinand #natalialafourcade y muchos más. . www.actitudalterna.com.mx
H A I R P R O D U C T ✨ ⠀ Did you know that hair product can affect your ⠀ lashes ? Hairspray , Hair masks and leave in oils that migrate or get onto the lash line and sit will affect the retention with continued exposure to your lashes. Oily shampoos and conditioners that fall into the lash line can also affect retention , especially if you are not rinsing thoroughly . If your lashes are fully cured these products touching your lashes once In awhile should be fine but try to be mindful of how close you are spraying and when leaving product in or going to sleep with, that you are tying or wrapping your hair up so that your lashes are protected. Little culprits like these are some things people don't even think of when their lashes are pre maturely shedding . Think of your lashes as delicate pieces of Jewelry that you wouldn't want to get tarnished or tugged at , if you overall protect and take care of your lashes you will do so well and be getting that 3-4 week retention.
Brand new vinyl, in my opinion, won’t ever sound as good as vintage vinyl. Music recorded digitally and then put onto vinyl just doesn’t have the same depth as analog. That being said, I love this album so much and I will still listen to it night and day 💜💙💚 The 2nd Law by Muse. #muse #the2ndlaw #panicstation #vinyl #vinyl_and_girl #vinylcollection #vinylcollectionpost #recordcollection #vinylgirl
“Kokopelli” #charcoaldrawing 11 inches x 10 inches #longislandartist #nativeamerican #fertility #muse
#muse 😍😍😍😍
Matenme porque me muero ❤💕💞💕❤💞😍 @muse I've waiting for U' what happens with Mexico City? #muse #mexico
COSPLAY OF THE DAY. OOF. SPRRY GUYS IM SUPPER BUSY. IM NOT LETTING THIS ACCOUNT DIE I PROMISE. -Lin Thiscrush link in bio! ☆ QOTD: What do you think of the new Hanayo UR? AOTD: I’m not a Hanayo fan but BLESS ☆ TAGS: #lovelive #llsif #lls #llsip #muse #aqours #honoka #umi #kotori #maki #rin #hanayo #nozomi #eliayase #nico #chika #riko #youwanatabe #rubykurosawa #hanamaru #yohane #yoshiko #dia #mari #kanan #loveliveschoolidolfestival #lovelivesunshine #lovelive
Eli is flirtatious third-year who puts a smile on all of our faces! 📘💛