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It's official...I think I'm pretty obsessed with all things yellow/mustard/ochre 💛 the love affair continues. #FancyNancySpam #loverofyellow #mustardlove
Para no creerlo pero esta es la mejor foto que tenemos los 5 de nuestro primer desayuno en nuestro feriado largo. 😂😂😂 Empezamos!! 💜💙💚💛 P.D hoy se celebra a San Pedro y San Pablo (el día del Papa). 🌟 🏁 🌟 #Finde #feriadolargo #familytrip #family #mummyblogger #mumlife #travel #familytravel #familytrip #díadelpapa
La prima libreria è stata sistemata e lo spazio lettura per i bimbi prende forma!
BUT THAT'S A GIRLS TOY! There's a new post on the blog talking about boys playing with dolls, is it ok?? The smile on my boys face says a BIG yes! | link to post in bio
Not a great photo, but a perfect example of how toddlers are CRAY! Crying his heart out because the Barny Bear I gave him before Rugby Tots is missing an ear... it's missing an ear because he just ate it. He ate it two seconds before erupting into full blown hysterics. What. The. Hell. 🙈 #tears #toddler #instagramers #instapic #picoftheday #ihavenoideawhyhescrying #itwasallgoingsowell
Back to the garage and the car is taking ages so I've done the only sensible thing I could think of and walked across the road to the gym for a scone and tea for me and some fresh milkshake for the small lady 😂😂😂. Why do they even sell scones in this gym. No one has the balls to eat them 😂 also I cannot EVER resist a scone. I see it as a home made food item and therefore acceptable at all times when available. In fact if I see a scone and I don't have one, I think I'm being rude. Yes I'm mildly off the rails shred wise and will be back on track shortly 😂
Just did!!! #finally #icangotosleepnow 😴or at least wind down and then get the Zzzz's in 😅😴 #baby #mealprepping ... trying out some new #babyfood #babyfoodrecipes #babyfoodideas 🤔 ... wanted to try these "mini shredded apple meat balls" but I might have burnt them a little bit cause I was worried they weren't cooked through especially if bubba was going to eat them for the first time as new baby #fingerfood 😋 ... they smell soooooo good!!! 👌🏻... Thanks to the bubba for helping with bubba's food cutting all them vegetables up 👍🏻😄 ... also prepared and cooked fried brown rice, vegetables and added chicken for bubba to try something new with different textures now she's within the 9-12 month range of recipes I can try for her 😊 here's hoping she can tolerate these new foods and textures 🙏🏻 #solidfoods #mummyblogger #mom_hub #momlife #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #tired #timeforbed 😴😴😴
Apart from the odd Eid outfit posts on my insta feed, Eid celebrations have come to a complete end for me today as I returned to work feeling meh 😐 #eidblues #feelingblue #returntowork #celebrationsareover #eidisover #backtoreality #eid2017 #mummyblogger #feelingmeh #muslimahblogger #blogger #blues
It's hard to get her to sit still these days, she's like an eel! Hence the grainy poor quality snap! I'm loving her elephant 🐘 bandana bib today, as it reminds me of her newborn 🐘 💕sleeping bag.
Back home from the beach and enjoying sleeping in my bed without a toddler kicking, hitting and taking covers. And I'm super excited because I get to see my babe today!!! 💕💕 . . I had issues with Hayden growing--resulted in having him a month early. This time I have to have growth ultrasound checks every appointment. It's so fun to see him but I get anxiety. The only thing that helps me is prayer and peace from the Lord 💕 cast all your cares on him. . .soapbox: why are some ultrasound techs so shady?? They make sounds like ohh, ok ok, and so you ask oh is everything ok?-- oh oh the dr will go over everything. Ummmm hello I'm super laid back but now I'm on pins and needles until the stinking dr comes to see me in like 30 freakin minutes?! #ahh #rantover 🙈