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Excuse me @jessbercovitch but that is #myasobu 🙅🏼 if you like it so much order your own! 💁🏼 Use code: SPB20 to save 20% on your @asobubottle purchase! 🤷🏼‍♀️😜 #PRLife #Besties
A daily reminder to myself👏🏼💉 #firsttattoo
Poolside in September #mtllife #sangria
Des plans pour souper? 🍴 #333Richmond #LItalieAGriffintown
Dans la salle de bains des maîtres, une pharmacie "M-Collection" miroir encastré WETSYLE en noyer noir 👌 | 510-230 Ch. du Golf, Verdun/Île-des-Soeurs | Prix demandé: 948 000,00 $ | MLS/Centris: 24360256 | #engelvolkers
One of our best days; someone's foot got run over, a tooth got chipped and a heel broke. Proof life isn't what happens to you, it's how you respond to it.
Im not feeling very worky today #frinally
When one of your best friends makes a video of your birthday dinner 🙌🏼 thanks @aakhoury
The first day of fall calls for our favourite pumpkin spice latté 🍁 #Fall #CafeDepot