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After some time I now reached a point where I know my only option is to let go. Let go of the one I thought I'm meant to be with regardless of how much I still love him. Let go of the hurt and anger. Let go of the what ifs. Let go of the should haves, would haves, and could haves. Knowing and deciding to let go now though doesn't make things better. But it does make it bearable. It makes it easier to accept what is. When I started my yoga practice a couple months back, I thought the reason I was so comfortable with backbends was because I've been so used to bending over backwards for others. Only after doing research did I find out that backbends were poses that open the heart. The action of stretching the front of my chest and opening my heart, almost as if I'm cracking open the front of my chest, makes me more receptive to emotions, experiences, relationships, and love. In order to heal, I expose my heart and myself...and that takes courage. Overcoming my fears on the mat, gives me courage off the mat too. Backbends also release strong emotions: hurt, fear, insecurity, anger, sadness. And we all know I still feel all of these now and do need to let go of the negativity that come with all these emotions. So now I'm letting go little by little, bit by bit, one breath at a time. #LettingGo #yogaeverydamnday #Yoga #yogisofinstagram #heartbroken #sadness #MovingOn 📷 from We Heart It
Salamat sa walang sawa mong pagmamahal, pag intindi at pag alaga. Mahigit isang taon na matatamis at mapait na karanasan sa pagmamahalan natin gusto ko sanang sabihin sayo na mahal kita. Alam kong galit ka pero di kita niloko, minahal kita yan ang tandaan mo kahit marami akong nilalandi.. sana mapatawad mo na ako. Masakit ang ginawa ko sayo pero yan ang paraan para makalimutan na kita.. #Colors #Memories #RelationshipIsOver #ElevenMonths #MOMA #Sorry #ThankfulToHaveYou #Past #MovingOn
Having beer and pizza with friends after a morning of moving! #snoopy #snoopygrams #movingon #loneeaglebrewing #weekend
Sorry kung di kita iniintindi, alam ko na trip mo lang yun. Pasensya kung binitawan kita dahil ayaw ko nang makita kitang nasasaktan sa piling ko na kung saan palagi na lang kitang inaaway at di ko sinusunod ang kagustuhan mo. Oras na siguro para kalimutan na natin ang isa't isa.. #Memories #Past #MovingOn #MOMA #Brown #DarkSide #VSCO #Pictures #AnotherChapter #Relationship #EndOfTheStory
Ready for ied mubarak #iedmubarak #movingon #SundayMotivation
This thing is the best thing ever, especially when you're having a bad day/week. 😂 #damnitdoll #amused #badweek #frustrated #annoyed #mensuck #movingon
° "I'm still the sailor of a ship named 'Hope'. this time I travel on Hope in search of you. my inner being says we'll meet. somewhere. in a coffee shop maybe. a small, cosy, dimly lit coffee shop. it'll be my favorite shop because it'll have coffee, and you. sipping on our coffees, staring at each other, we'll solve paradoxes and questions we've been clinging to dearly. we won't speak, for all our lives we've spoken a lot but never been heard. hush, so now we'll remain calm, silent, composed till we get lost somewhere in the universes which are taking birth and dying within us both. listen, let the eyes do the talking. let gestures and smiles open up matrices of the hearts. hey, stay. stay for a while. going will do no good. stay the night lovely, because you know when the sunset crumples down into darkness, it'll only be us to hold onto each other. be the lighthouse to this ship and guide Hope into the Ocean of Love. and don't let it sink this time, don't let Hope - retreat this time." ° - harman ©