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This is a happy solution for your active #AvoLifestyle: avocado deviled eggs! 🥑💪🏼 // Voici une excellente solution pour votre #AvoLifestyle actif! 🥑💪🏼
I can't believe I'm posting this but I feel proud of myself 👏🏻 I've been really "working out" for just a few days and today I couldn't be bothered to put on my leggings and move my body. But I did it anyway!! 😱👌🏻 And it felt less painful than yesterday and than the day before. I am able to push myself a little bit more everyday and it feels very good! #workout #feelingood #move #legdayworkout #amazing #proud
I said to my body softly, ‘I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath and replied, 'I've been waiting my whole life for this.' - Waheed Cacao, Crystal Bowls, & 5 Elements Dance...Next event with @carlygrace_soundtemple coming up in just one week...Check link in Bio!
🌟Photo of the day🌟 Today's gorgeous photo comes from: @ryanzipp Stunning capture of Harvey’s Beach!
This is KILLER! Fletcher 'Arm Work' on the Cadillac.. not to let the name fool you, it's ALL thigh burn for me (and for most women, though the exercise was developed for men who distribute that work more through the upper body) . . The swing is on 2 blue springs and I'm trying to keep my body as upright over my heels as possible. No leaning forward! Sped up x2, palms in, palms out, palms up, palms down . . #fletcherpilates #ronfletcher #pilates #pilatesmethod #cadillac #pilateslife #fitfam #armwork #thighs #burn #move #movement
Focussing on Action. 👁🔑🐞