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Mery purani motorcycle or mera budha mechanic 😂😂 * * * * Meet my friend "Bablu" aka "Bob". Everyone knows my love for old grease machine and he is the guy behind fixing all of them for me. It's been more than 16 years I know this mechanic. He got some magic in his hands that he can fix any machine, whatever it is ,from BSA matchless Yezdi RD 350 to latest machines !!! He never disappointed me till now, before I asked something he was always ready, he never said no to anything. He always does the right things to be done to the machine to fix it ,he loves highways , he had some numerous rides to marsimikla la , Ladakh ,kashmir, Rajasthan ,Uttarakhand , Himachal and still doing many more. He is a great guy, a great friend and the unsung hero behind every machine I ride , thanks you for everything buddy , thanks a lot Bob , God bless you . #royalenfield #meandmymotorcycle #musafirdiary #bobthebuilder #aligarh #india
Day 17: today I had to make a pit stop to get my chain and back tire replaced. Apparently I was about 50 miles away from disaster. Lesson learned: when you feel something is funky, get it checked immediately. Thanks to the guys at #gpbikes near Toronto for helping me out. Their store was HUGE. Staying in Toronto for a couple days with friends! Trying to find Drake. #jojomototour2017 #motorcyclelife #motolife #mototouring #fz09 #getoutandride #toronto #drake