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ENDURANCE DAY! My least favorite workout even though I'm a marathon runner 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ 0.75 miles in 6 minutes. I need to work on that pace tho 👎🏽😭 Thanks Coach Russell @goinnhamm for pushing me today! And I'm so glad my partner in crime @kmsevilla was in class suffering with me today! 🤣😘💪🏽 #latergram #orangetheoryfitness #OTF #splatpoints #senesisters #endurance #motherrunner #irunbecauseican #becauseofsenegence
A slightly different kind of #transformationtuesday... And a reminder that this running thing isn't a perfectly linear journey, and that's okay. Above, we have my first timed adult 5K in 2015 (I'd done a few fun runs before), my 5K PR in February, and my 5K from last weekend. I'd just done my first Ironman a month or so before that first 5K so there was definitely some solid fitness to set that benchmark. It took nearly two years and hundreds of hours of training to chip away at those paces and get to that 19:10 5K. And yet just a few months later, I'm seemingly back at square one (although I know/hope it won't take so long to get the speed back again). This could be -- and at times, is -- extremely frustrating to compare the runner I was just earlier this year to the one I am right now. *** But guess what? We've all heard the phrase, "Comparison is the thief of joy," right? We do ourselves a disservice when we compare ourselves to others -- *including* past versions of ourselves! It's good to acknowledge what we've done before in the sense that we know we can do it again. But we shouldn't let that comparison rob us of the joy that can be found in our current situation. This is especially true for runners, since we'll all have to take some downtime and "start over" to some extent at least once along the way. Best to be happy that we're running in the first place! 🙌 *** And as cheesy as it sounds, even though the numbers were vastly different on Friday than they were in February, there was one common denominator: I gave those 3.1 miles my all. And that's the part that matters most! So actually, no matter what the watch says, I've been the same runner every step of the way. 😊
I love running with my little guy, but days I get a solo run in, it's amazing. I ran 3.5 miles or so while he was prek, and I guess all that stroller running has paid off: I managed a 7.5 minute mile today! 😲 now, I don't expect that all the time, I'm usually between 8.2 and 8.4, and the longer the run the closer to that 8.4 I am, and that's ok. I'm still a runner, and I'm darn proud of myself today! It was a great run, and I had fun, and that's what's most important, not my pace, or distance, or whatever else us runners get down on ourself for. Find joy in the run, no matter what that run looks like 💪👟 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #uniteinmotherhood #umh_kids #clickinmoms #momswithcameras #magicofchildhood  #treasuringlittlememories #simplychildren #jj_its_kids #mytinymoments #celebrate_childhood #thehappynow #writeyouonmyheart #flashesofdelight #heaventhrumylens #cameramama #documentyourdays #kidsforreal #honestlyparents #celebrate_childhood #kidsunscripted #enchantedchildhood #pocket_sweetness #thatsdarling #pursuepretty #momtogs #motherrunner #runningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #momswhorun #girlsruntheworld #irunthisbody
So, after getting the kids settled down to bed I went out and got this 6 miler DONE!!! I NEARLY bailed, just tired from early start with the youngest and a busy busy day... The plan was 4 mile progression (first mile was far too fast, should have been an 8 min/mile) followed by 2 easy miles (one mile was fine, the other too fast)... Still, this entire run felt comfortable, really enjoyed getting out, so glad I did! I even came back and did half an hour HIIT kettlebell workout! I'm now staring at my new torture device - back stretcher and foam roller... I must do it before bed as long run is on the cards in the morning... Happy Tuesday all! #thismumruns #motherrunner #instarun #instarunners #instagramrunning #thisgirlcan #runner #runningfamily #running #run #instagramrunningcommunity #runner #runforlife #runforfun #runrunrun #inspiringwomenrunners #xtremerunnerslife #strongnotskinny #strengthtraining
Rainy lunch time run does the soul good 😌
Had a short little jog today. Not a bad way to spend my #tritatstuesday 🙌! If you haven't checked out their gear yet head over to their page @tritats and click the link. . . . . . . . . . . . #tritats #nosharpie #looklikeapro #irontats #swimbikerun #running #triathlete #triathlon #ironmantri #ironmanarizona #strongereveryday #motherrunner #igrunners #instarunners #igfit #fitmom #trilife #athlete #fitness #fitnessjourney #roadtoironman #runhappy #optoutside
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5 dark miles.. winter is definitely coming 😔🕸🍁🍂, perfectly executed tempo as the plan stated. 10 mins easy warm up, 25 min tempo (nailed the -splits) 10 mins easy cool down (see pic 2) 🏃🏽‍♀️torch, hi-viz and all 🙌🏼🏃🏽‍♀️💪🏼
Rays all around! I love when God does this--reminds me of His constant presence in a manifestation that is typically the opposite of what I feel like I'm experiencing. In the midst of what feels like disorder and confusion, he simply whispers to me, "look up." ✨ . "For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." -Zephaniah 3:17. #stillsmallvoice #hiking #godrays #sunrays #goodmorning #goodstarttotheday #bepresent #getoutside #outdoorwomen #trailsisters #motherrunner #balegasocks #enduropacks #montrail #columbiasportswear #bobgear #smithwomen #mountsoledad #lajolla #sandiego #california
New Blog! From Birth to 5K: Running My First Race at Four Months Postpartum and Five Tips to Get There🤰🏻👶🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ Click link in profile above to read☝️ . . . #inhaleexhalerun #motherrunner #anothermotherrunner #runningmom #postpartumrunning #running #runner #runninginspiration #runningafterbaby #firstpostbabyrace #run #womenrunning #womenrunners #mother #mysons #whyrun #mybliss #babyboys #campingwithkids @shanepatrice and @haylieeutsey you're mentioned in the story!
Today one of my students told me leggings aren't professional. His logic: if boys aren't allowed to wear shorts, girls shouldn't be able to wear leggings. I wasn't about to let him win that battle! Leggings > pants, any day 👖👈🏼🙋🏼🌟 #theyfeellikebutta #teamyogapants #leggingsarepants
Looking back at my pics and not breastfeeding has been weighing heavily on me. I miss it so much and so does he. It's been 3.5 months since weaning but feels like an eternity. Blessed we were able to for 2 years. Funny thing is I've gained 10 pounds since weaning! I guess I was burning more calories than I thought feeding the beast! 😂 #normalizebreastfeeding #motherrunner #marathontraining
I'm a runner. I run when i'm happy. I run when i'm sad. I run because I can. The blisters on my feet, black toenails and non-healing chafing on my skin, my weird tan lines, proves that I've been training to keep going even when it gets super hard. #TrackTuesday 5 miles of GHMP with 1 mi cool down •8:42 •8:43 •8:33 •8:57 •8:39 •9:21 | 8:49 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #runhappy #alwaysrunning #motherrunner #nuunlife #halfmarathontraining #oisellevolée #flystyle #optoutside
#MyRoadIDStory - I run because it is my time for myself, my time alone with my thoughts, and my time to not worry about anything. As a Mom of 2 young boys with a full-time career though, that time happens to be very early in the morning. I leave my house between 4:00-4:15am every morning while training and even though my husband knows I am gone, he is still sleeping when I am out. I started wearing Road ID because I run to not worry. If something happened to me or I was to get sick at that time of the morning I want to know that anyone who may find me knows who to calls and medical conditions I have. It gives my husband and even my parents a peace of mind when I am on the running. My husband also is a runner and won’t leave home without his Road ID. In my personal opinion, Road ID's were made for kids! I have 7 and 3 year old boys- it’s a disaster waiting to happen when we go to a public place with my little guy. My oldest is aware of his surroundings and knows our phone numbers but my three year old does not. He refuses to hold my hand anymore and all it would take in a large crowd is us turning our head for a second for him to run off. The day I gave my kids their Road ID’s my little one told me “this is the best day ever” because he loves wearing his “ring”, he even wears it at his swim class. My oldest loves his too, it’s a fun color theme, and he has no shame wearing it all the time, including when he sleeps. I feel like they think they are special because they have their names and birthdates on them and I’ll let them think that in exchange for peace of mind and safety. I have had many runs where I felt light headed and dizzy. You honestly never know what could happen when you are pushing yourself in any exercise. I choose to be as safe as I can possibly be and I encourage all runners to do the same. Enjoy your runs, be free of any concerns, and just run safe!---- ✨✨✨ AND if you read ALL of that somehow I am giving away a Road ID this week because I love them SO much! Just make sure you like this picture, follow @jessbug1122 and @roadid and tag someone in the comments. The giveaway will be from me so I will announce the winner on Friday! 💙❤️💙