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Summer vibes to all of you beautiful people. Thanks for supporting our shop - k bye
Wednesday done. One more day at work tomorrow and then I'm off until 12th and @bluestonewales here we come!!!!! 😀
I've got blueberry stained fingertips from a fresh case from the in-laws, Bob Dylan singing to my baby and I, and a gentle breeze kissing our cheeks as we swing on our porch swing. Oh Alabama, you really are my sweet home.
Feeling all sorts of crazy for adding a kitten to our crew but our kiddos sure are loving her! 😉💕🐱 #akittencalledRosie #eden_grace
Great nature walk today, trying to enjoy every last second of my time off with Maverick before I get back to work next week! • • • • • • • • #parenthood #parenting #our_everyday_moments #uniteinmotherhood #mommyblogger #mommymoments #momblog #momblogger #momswithcameras #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #nature #walks #fitness #naturephotography #outdoors #summer #sunshine #mommyandme #babyboy
Not impressed | Captured a photo of Isaac looking at his cracker cross eyed. I gave it to him for distraction while I was preparing his meal the other day. He's probably thinking, hey! this is not what I'm waiting for...but he ate it anyways because this guy loves all food he can get his hands on #littlefoodie 🐽 . . . . . . . . #latepost #momswithcameras #toddlerlife #clickinmoms #motherhoodintheraw #holdthemoments #letthembelittle #1yearold #motherhood #healthymom #organic #honestmotherhood #childhoodunpluggled #documentyourdays #makemoments #candidchildhood #wildandbrave #motherhoodthroughinstagram #thatsdarling #our_everyday_moments #visualsoflife #livethelittlethings #minimal #peoplescreatives
This was taken a few months ago, at 23 months...one of the last times Izaak nursed. I didn't quite reach my goal: two years and letting him self wean. Although he did self wean. One day he took a nap and didn't need to nurse first. Then he never came back. I wish I could remember the exact day that occurred as you never know when it will actually happen. I just know our special little bond ended. Abruptly. Probably most likely my supply dipped significantly and he wasn't too fond of all my squirming due to the extreme nursing aversion. The NA, oh my...so tough, but I wanted to push through it because I knew I was still somehow nourishing him even in the tiniest bit. Today he is such a big boy, we carry on conversations and he is so smart and independent. I like to attribute that to the extended breastfeeding that I was often times criticized over by family. I wonder how he will react when Luke arrives. I know I will be once again in love and enjoying that special bond. #bittersweet #momtogs #honestmotherhood #honestlyparents #breastfeeding #instablogger #breastfeedingjourney #cherishedmoments #izaakhenry #reminiscing #chasinglight #clickinmoms #documentyourdays #instamama #motherhoodthroughinstagram #simplymamahood
Right now their love consists of her finding him adorable and him finding her hilarious. They have no idea that one day their love will be so much more, it will consist of being there for each other through life's toughest moments and biggest triumphs. I want and pray so much for my children and one of my biggest hopes is that their bond with each other continues to grow and strengthen so much that nothing can tear it apart.
The excitement of the past few days has taken its toll and it was lovely to have a chilled day today, to snuggle up with my baby (definitely still a baby) as she napped and to read books with Finn. I am on a huge decluttering mission so all my spare time is spent making piles of things to bin/donate/give away. I have the Kon Mari book to help me, although I haven't started doing it properly yet. Has anyone got any decluttering advice?
When your day starts off all out of whack sometimes you just gotta do things out of order. Today that means mid day baths, late naps, and 2 scoops of energize for Momma to power through a late workout. We're rolling with the punches today 👊🏼 #momlife #rollwithit #bathtime . . . #dogmom #toddlermom #toddlergram #outdoors #nature #wildandfree #uncandidchildhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #blogger #momtogs
Happy Wednesday! I'm getting back to featuring some awesome mamas. First up is Alexandria, super sweet and creative mama definitely check out her feed 👌🏻 Part 1/2 - "My name is Alexandria Whitefeather. I'm a photographer. I have a passion for creating a vision and bringing it to life. Whether that be with photography, art direction, or design projects. I love traveling with my little family, but I also really appreciate quality time at home. Other things I love: yummy cups of tea, the ocean, date nights, sushi, rainy days in (probably because I live in the desert), and good conversation." ••What sparked you to start your photography business? "Well, at 16 I got my first (paid) photography job (just out of high school) shooting a wedding for a family/friend. I soon got asked to shoot another and then another. I was totally in over my head, but as the offers came in, I kept saying yes! (haha, obviously I had lots to learn;) Fast forward 10 years later, although I no longer shoot weddings, photography is my full-time job. (I went to school for graphic design, worked full time in the medical field while in school and while getting truly started in my business, got married, and had a baby during that time too) But to answer your question: I suppose what inspired me to start my business was my passion for creating images, and capturing moments that can be held onto for generations. " - @a.whitefeather #wearethemamas .