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Auguri mia dolce scimmietta! Due anni movimentati in cui hai messo alla prova la tua mamma.. i tuoi fratelli alla tua età non erano stati ancora spodestati dal trono del piccolino di casa, ma tu sei stata fantastica nonostante l'arrivo del tuo fratellino così presto! la tua autonomia ogni volta mi stupisce, come se sapessi già che nella vita bisogna cavarsela da soli e per raggiungere ciò che si vuole non si può aspettare che le cose cadano dal cielo. Spero che questo tuo bel sorriso caratterizzi sempre il tuo carattere: forte, determinato, solare e diciamolo già con le contro palle! ti voglio bene cucciolina! 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 #compleannotati #happybirthday #blessed #happyness #happylife #simplelife #mammadiquattro #instamamme #womoms_official #thewomoms #mamxmam #notonlymama #paroladimamma #family #umh_kids #candidchildhood #momtogs #familytime #maviepuntoit #paroladimamma #vitadamamma #mumadvisor #amicamamma #bestofmom
We went through a tough period recently where Isla only wanted me! Well I'm happy to report she is back to being a total daddy's girl 😍 I love the bond thar these two have and can't wait to see it grow even stronger when little bub arrives! . . ⭐️ NAME CHANGE ⭐️ Some of you might have also noticed I have changed my name! With little bub due in less than a month I thought it was time to choose a name that was a better reflection of my account 😘😘 definitely feeling like I'm carrying a very heavy bowling ball!!! . . . . . . . #nature #thatsdarling #documentyourday #wanderlust #momtogs #uniteinmotherhood #ohheymama #livethelittlethings #mom_hub #nature #bestofmom #worldoflittles #thebloomforum #ig_motherhood #calmbirth #dearphotographer #ourcandidlife #thesincerestoryteller #dearphotographer #childofig #thesincerestoryteller #motherhoodthroughinstagram
This kid is going to be so much more intelligent than her mama. She amazes me everyday with the things she learns, observes and comprehends. We read the story "Brown Bear" today and when we finished she read it back to me almost word for word! Obviously she can't actually read, so she had combined her memory of what I had just said with the pictures to read it. A big fat proud mama moment 👩🏼‍🎓🌿
[Part 2] .That my husband was only with me because he felt like he couldn’t leave. I loved my newborn, but I didn’t bond with him. I couldn’t bond with him. I went through the motions, I fed him, I changed his nappy, I rocked him to sleep. But there was no bond, it was almost like he was someone else's baby and I was just looking after him and keeping him alive. I stopped breastfeeding him because I didn’t like him being so close to me, even though I was still breastfeeding his 2 year old brother. I felt permanently anchored down, trapped, like I couldn’t escape. I didn’t feel like I was doing a good job at being a mother. I felt like my newborn hated being with me during the day, like he was counting down the hours until his Daddy got home so he could be with someone he actually loved. Nothing was good. Everything was bad. Everything was too hard. Everything was so close to crumbling. A close friend pushed me to see my GP. I thought it was a complete waste of time. I thought I felt this way because I was a terrible mother that shouldn’t have had two children, that I didn’t even deserve children. But I booked an appointment and I went. I walked in, sat down and cried. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard. I didn’t even know I was going to cry. But once I’d started I couldn’t stop. My doctor said I had severe Post Natal Depression. In a way I was relieved, it explained so much. But I was also deeply ashamed. Society has this distorted view of mental health and depression. The media doesn’t help- don’t depressed mothers drown their babies in the bath? Don’t they drive the family car into a lake? That's definitely what the media tries to make us believe. I certainly didn’t feel like that…and I didn’t want anyone thinking that I felt like that. I didn’t want people to watch my every move, worried that I would harm my children. I loved my children. I didn’t want to hurt them. I wanted to leave because I thought that I was hurting them by staying. I told a few people about my diagnosis and each time it got easier. I started on medication the following week. As the weeks passed it was like the medication was ticking boxes. [To be continued]
I don't think she's realises It's Sunday and that means dad goes back to work tomorrow!
Лето - полоса белая, полоса синяя)💙 #strisciabianca #strisciablu
Hoy ha saltado el levante y hace calorazo, así que toca estar a remojo!
Buenos días!! Hoy nos vamos a casa de los abuelos que están en fiestas. Y tarde de piscineo con la familia. Buen día a todos. #antonytomascruces #baby #bebe #instababies #instababy #twinstagram #twinsies #mellizos #igbaby #igpic #photooftheday #picoftheday #momlife #mommylife #family #mom_hub #instagood #instaphoto #momtogs #motherhood #cameramama #multimami #twinslife #babyboy