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•|BECAUSE I AM YOUR MUMMY|• I will eat your soggy biscuits when you offer them to me, give you sloppy kisses often with a snotty nose. Ill check your nappy for poo resulting in a nail scrape of number two, carry you to the bath when your covered in food which means I get covered in food too. I patiently wait for you to finish having a tantrum over trivial things such as not letting you eat a full tube of tooth paste, not letting you put your cup in the toilet, not letting you eat a coffee capsule, not letting you put your blocks in the dryer, or not letting you sit in the dishwasher, sometimes I even do just let you do stupid things just to make you happy, I calmly clean up after you. Because I am your mummy, I do all the things you hate, I clean your ears, cut your nails, put cream on your face, wash your hair, stop you from grabbing things that are dangerous, add extra layers when it's cold and try not to take it personally when you get angry at me for doing all the things that must be done. Because I am your mummy, no one cares for you like me, I can tell when you are sick, even before you are sick, I know when your going to be cross even before you get cross, I know when your going to be tired even before you get tired. Because I am your mummy, no one knows you, loves you or devotes their life to you like me. For all the things we mamas do wrong, for all the things we feel defeat us, for all things we wish we could do better JUST FOR ONCE look at the million things in a single day you do RIGHT. No one will ever do better by your child than you so even on the days you feel you fail take comfort in the thought that no one else could have done a better job than you, because the only mummy my girl needs is me. 💗 . . . . . . #motherhood #momswithcameras #letthembelittle #childofig #childhood #childhoodunplugged #mumlife #momlife #parenting #parenthood #love #blogger #instablogger #justbaby #toddler #toddlermom #real #realtalk #happiness #life #lifestyleblogger #lifequotes #kiss #blonde #nikon #photography #bow #igkids #igbabies #aussiesofinstagram
This is honest motherhood. And we love the #myeverdayme challenge 💕 @hkpfeff523 thanks for spreading the word! Let's get honest 😘 ・・・ Motherhood covers the full spectrum of emotions. It's messy, it's beautiful, it's challenging, it's amazing, it's rewarding, it's exhausting, it's empowering, it's inspiring, it's defeating, it's the hardest and best job we have. I am humbled by this mama community and beyond grateful for the real friendships I've made. Life isn't always as pretty as these pictures and I am so appreciative of the support I've received and been able to give. So while it's important to me to keep these memories happy and picture perfect, I'm not afraid to show you a glimpse behind the scenes . . . . I'm joining @bohomama_xo and her challenge of posting #myeverydayme || Dirty, messy topknot, tshirt, bare face + feet, doing everything I can to make my brown eyed baby girl smile. That's my everyday me. || So I am calling out some of my beautiful mama friends to post one picture of themselves as they are every day....in the mess we call motherhood and to call out other mamas to do the same. Let's start building each other up and recognize the beauty in the every day.
Wahoo its sunday and we are home! Now to crack on with the mountain for washing and list of things that need to be done before Monday 🙈
I love this life 💛 #ig_motherhood
In love with their love 😍❤️ #vylaandwaia
Look carefully...what do you see? Now swipe across and look again....Taking stock of the little things. Taking a walk and consciously look for the small things that would normally pass you by. We walked past this bin a few weeks ago and it was covered in teeney tiny baby money spiders, their web sacks (do they have a proper name?) flying in the wind and straining from lamp posts and fences. Something that normally I wouldn't have noticed but during our evening walks and sessions with the camera I have been making an effort to focus on the little things instead of the kids climbing on that wall, because let's face it, kids are gonna limb and yes maybe they will fall, but I won't, or at least I am trying to not let my anxiety stop them being kids! #eveningwalk #spider #lifecloseup #lovelifeoutdoors #cherisheverymoment #simplethings #clickinmoms #ig_motherhood #oureverydaymoments #mummy #thebestineveryday #dailyparenting #momswithcameras #momsofinstagram #documentyourdays #littlefamiliesofIG #thehappynow #ukparentbloggers #pinklinker #coolmumclub #holdthemoments #lifecloseup #themagicineveryday #reallife #honestparenting
Ya me contareis como hacéis para que salten todos más o menos a la vez. . ¡Feliz domingo! . #saltaquetesalta #unoparaarribaotroparaabajo
#FavouritesbyKim After our holiday my legs are so so dry. The got a tiny bit of tan, which is now fading unfortunately... So I moisturize them with the Naïf nurturing cream from Senne. It so thick and nourishing, perfect for my peeling skin 😁. Did you know Naïf will bring out a product line for grownups soon? Stay tuned! #naifcare #happysocks
F A S H I O N The kids were going on an "adventure" yesterday, so came out dressed like this. (See instastories for the game/mess in action)
Big weekend!!! ❤️