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Some days it’s hard to muster up the motivation. You hit snooze 🛏. Your to-do list 📝 overwhelms your head, and you doubt your efforts 😔. ☝🏻Buuuttt.... some days THE motivation tracks you down to the basement just in time as you are in the cool down of your 30 minute workout.😅 . . Hey! It’s FriYAY!!!🎉🎉🎉 . . . .
TODAY IS THE DAY!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 When you THRIVE on new, innovative and something to truly shock your results in your health journey, you should feel like a kid on Christmas... 12 days early. 😄🎄🎁 I gave you the opportunity to hear the scoop last Sunday (if you missed it, I have a recording to share, just let me know!) and I’ve been testing sneak peeks, but even with being on my health journey since high school, this is all new to me!🤗 I am truly STOKED to think that the first 3 months of 2018 are already planned with pre-set regular and vegan meal plans, scheduled workouts from home, and the chance to work in a selected Facebook group with the trainer herself is exactly what 2018 is ready for! 👍🏻I’m READY to tackle this innovative, LIVE streamed workout with timed-nutrition plan to define your core, butt and legs with YOU, and if you’d like the inside scoop or details on how you can snag a spot in 2 exclusive support + accountability groups to create YOUR before and after, simple comment below “🎄” Self care and self love in 2018... who’s with me?!😃🙌🏻 . . . . .
Maybe there's someone out there telling you 'you can't'. The good news is, you already have everything you need to prove them wrong.❤️
💚You gotta get COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE to achieve positive change.💚 I could have just gone through the motions of a workout I’m familiar with this morning, but knowing these little loops are in my workout schedule for my New Year’s plan from home, and !!!TODAY!!! is the official day I can get everything I need for my goals🙌🏻😄🙌🏻😄, I thought I’d push myself to give me a taste of what I’m in for, for 80 days!!! 🙃 Yeah... I know what you may be thinking... “😝80 days Heather Ann?!!! Are you insane?!!🤪” ☝🏻BUT I see it as the first 3 months of the new year are already planned out!! —->• complete LIVE workout schedule from by trainer • complete meal plans and superfoods to UP my game • support from both my trainer and my virtual FITstudio!! I AM READY TO DO 2018!! Ready to join me in the chance to change too?💪🏻😄 DROP IN your favorite emoji below if you want to know more first ❤️. . . . . . .
“I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget!” -Erin Van Vuren. 🥀🥀🥀🥀 . . . . #momlife #motivationalquotes #Momlifejunkie #momstyle #momsofinstagram #fashionmom #beyourselfalways #beyoutiful #womenempowerment #warriorwomenwednesday #wcw #momsinspiringmoms #positivevibes #livelife #wildorwhatever #fuckyournegativitybro #sorrynotsorry #positivity #qoutesoftheday 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
So, which pair(s) enhances this work-from-home, stay-at-home mom of two girls face? Honesty appreciated😙. ((I seriously only see SQUINTS from The Sandlot in the bottom middle 🤣) . . So far, my @warbyparker experience has been fantastic!👌🏻😄 . . . . . .
Anyone else feels like the day is over before it actually started? How do you work thru it without feeling like you are racing against a clock? // words by @jonnysun #confessionsofahustlingmama
This girl always reminds me to enjoy the simple, the ordinary days. That joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk so much time missing out when get so busy chasing down the extraordinary. As moms, we often get so caught up in the busy and we don’t take time to slow down and just enjoy these ordinary days, ordinary moments. ❤️ #Autism is hard but I never take anything for granted. She makes us see the world so differently and I cherish each moment!
Happy 🐫 Day! #happywednesday . . Love Legs and 🍑 day even if they do🔥 #nopainnogain #leggains #bootygains . . . I'm so freaking excited for my next #bodytransformation and to show you how easy it is just baking YOU a PRIORITY 30 mins a day, 6 days a week .... it's 2% of your day!! 😍😍 . . . Combining Healthy Living which I normally carry out daily, with Fun Exercise is a dream for me as a busy mum 👌🙌 . . . #foodandfitness #healthy #healthyliving #eatinghealthy #eatingclean #fitnessmotivation #healthymotivation #ukfitmum #healthymum #fitmom #mumlifestyle #busymum #mumpreneur #inspiringmums #changinglives #instadaily #womeninspiringwomen #pursuehappiness #darlingdaily #momsinspiringmoms #fitnessjourney #foodjourney #healthjourney #ukcoach #weightjourney
I’ve gotta say, for me, the hands-down tastiest thing about the holidays is my Grandma’s perfectly sweetened fruitcake BUT I also love a good cheesecake! It’s not just delicious, it’s also a childhood favorite. So many others to name but tell me, what’s your favorite holiday treat? . Vegan cheesecake: @nutrivenience
No matter how you think you have fallen short or missed the mark...even as life may be beating you up and stretching you far n wide... remember that a broken crayon still colours. The essence of you is there throughout the circumstances that challenge you 💜 //📷 @witenry #confessionsofahustlingmama
"We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day." — Gayle Forman . . What gets you up and going each morning to start your day? For me, it’s putting me first. I wake, I workout and this cup of bulletproof goodness is my reward.☕️☕️☕️ It’s that extra little motivation after the first round of motivation wears off 😂, especially on bitter cold snowy white days. . . My current recipe is: ☕️Christmas time coffee 🥥1 tsp. coconut oil 🐄1 tsp. GF ghee 🔄 Blend and enjoy for mental clarity, metabolism boosting and stabilize blood sugar. . . . . .
🤜🏻I WILL not make excuses. 🤜🏻I WILL not give up when she wants me. 🤜🏻I WILL not let the stress of the season get the best of me. 🤜🏻I WILL not dwell on how tired I am. 🤜🏻I WILL not miss my opportunity to start this week off right! 🙌🏻I WILL look towards my virtual accountability group for support and inspiration! 🙌🏻I WILL continue to see myself as a priority because without me, there would be no her. 🙌🏻I WILL. End of story.📚 . . . Any NEGATIVE can be flipped to a positive. It begins in your mind, and the rest will follow... TRUST + BELIEVE ❤️ My top just helped me to remember that 😉 . . . . . .
A beautiful reminder for you and me friends. Life is hard, am I right? For one who struggles with severe depression, anxiety, ptsd, hearing these words just made It so very true. “December is a month that is high for depression, anxiety, and suicide.” Yes! It’s true year round but the holidays can certainly stir up emotions..good or bad. . Let me be the one that shares while fighting herself, understanding what it’s like so I can be that person to walk you through these valleys as I myself am walking through valley after valley.... God has a PURPOSE for your pain, a REASON for your struggles, and a REWARD for your faithfulness. Trust him, and don’t give up! I know what it’s like to do this alone and it’s ugly. It’s hard to see that purpose guys, I get it. BUT trust me when I say it will get better, maybe not today, or tomorrow but it will. In him, hope prevails! Hold on. Pain ends! ❤️
❤️I found my purpose by accident. I believe in a company’s mission that has always been my mission. My goals align with my efforts and my vibe has attracted the BEST tribe! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ . . When I decided to pursue coaching, I never once felt like it was another MLM. I never got that feeling from what I was doing because it was already my lifestyle! The CEO never makes us feel that this company was created to make any sort of “icky” income. The company is founded on the idea of helping others lives healthy fulfilling lives... while also doing the same for yourself at the same time! 😮🙆🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️💃🏼Whaaattt?!?! Tonight, on a SUNDAY NIGHT, I could be watching the STEELERS 🏈 with my husband on the couch, but I literally couldn’t wait to hop on LIVE and share the biggest thing to revolutionize the way you approach your fitness routine!🙌🏻 I’m not saying it’s going to be everyone’s cup of 🍵 tea, but it’s definitely my plan of action for the start of 2018! 🎉🎉🎉I feel I’m strictly here to help.❤️ If someone feels stuck, in a rut and/or needs a change, I’m always here to just listen and figure out if I can help. Communication is key, and when we are friends, I’m here to listen and help as a friend... no matter what.❤️ . . I seriously can’t believe I found what I feel I was meant to do all along, and who knows?!!! Maybe it can be for you?! 🤷🏼‍♀️If you are: ✅ self-driven, ✅motivated, ✅love to continue learning, ✅want to be less of an introvert, ✅stay on top of social media, ✅get in the best shape, ✅create confidence, ✅love the beach, ✅want to leave a positive legacy for your kids, LOVE a good 90’s sitcoms like FRIENDS, and enjoy wine... then comment with your favorite emoji! 😄💗👏🏻🍾🎊. Lets just chat and see how you can begin your healthiest year yet, and possibly and career that fills your heart daily.❤️ . . LINK in bio too!👌🏻 . . . . .
3rd July 2017 ... a day that I won't forget and a day that marked the day I starting prioritising me . . This was the day that I ended Taped up to a Heart Machine and under the Care of a Cardiologist! I had never suffered with any heart related issues until Jan 2017 . . Why your probably asking, right? . . . This year has been very testing and trying for my family, to the point it took an almighty toll on mine and my Husbands health in a way we had never envisioned let alone expected . . . My husband the main breadwinner lost his business, we struggled immensely with our finances to the point some weeks we couldn't afford food to feed our kids (we had amazing friends at those times!), and nearly lost our home that we couldn't pay for . . Anyone who has gone through similar can obviously relate but there was more . . In March 2017 my husband was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour and operate on to remove this in April 2017 . . In May 2017 my son had been refused a place in the same school as my daughter even though we live 1 minute away from the school gates and I was told that he would have to go to a school at the opposite end of our City. Devastation would be an understatement as I had to appeal this twice with refusal on both occasions . . . The ultimate stress of finances, trying to find a school place for my son, worrying where we were going to get food to feed our children, my husband having cancer and being a friend and listening ear to everyone whilst trying maintain a happy home really took its toll on me BIG TIME!! . . I had hid all the interior stress from everyone and the fact that I was getting more and more frequent heart palpitations and waking myself up in sleep due to not breathing from my husband who eventually saw threw this . . This is what STRESS does to you. It AFFECTS your health, your mind and your body in ways you could never imagine unless you are pushed to a limit that you are either at a severe stage which can just about be reached or you end up taking your life or dead . . I have EXPERIENCED all of this!! . . *** CARRIED ON IN THE COMMENTS *** . #healthyvibes #healthyme #healthy #fitnessandfood #fitmoms #ukfitmum #momsinspiringmoms
The smell of cookies baking, the spruce scent coming from the tree that fills the air making your spirits bright, and that dash of cinnamon your mom puts in those homemade cinnamon rolls she bakes for you reminds you of treasured memories as a child, is what I smell each and every time I smell this blend! ❤️ 😍 Is anyone else just as obsessed as I am?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ This may or may not be my stash. 😜 Christmas Spirit has been our regular since, maybe June?🤷🏻‍♀️ This is definitely our family favorite and is an amazing mood booster that ties memories of joy of Christmas and those peaceful moments.☺️ It certainly has us reminisce a lot and create new fond memories!
You don’t inspire others by being perfect, you inspire them by how you deal with your imperfections. Life has knocked me down more than a few times. It’s showed me things I never wanted to see, and experienced pain, hurt, sadness, and failures. BUT one thing I know is true is that I always get back up. You can too! It may take time but rise up!! You were made for greatness and I believe in you! ❤️
As we lay down tonight I wanted throw out some food for thought.... And encourage all of us to think about how when we wake up in the AM it's going to be a new day, a new opportunity, where we can take a step in doing what we need to so we can go where we want to be one day. • It may take 1 month, 1 year, 3 years...but if we DECIDE to just keep putting ONE FOOT FORWARD every day, we WILL reach where we want to go in life. #BeTheGirlWhoWentForIt 😘 #fridaynite
Ok, what’s your Favorite Christmas movie? I’m definitely a fan of It’s a Wonderful Life, but I do love Elf and Home Alone with my children🤷🏻‍♀️☺️but if you’re more of a National Lampoon’s Christmas type, I’d still be sipping some hot cocoa with you...as long as I’m in control of the remote.😉Who’s in?
❤️Don’t let the image in the mirror fool you. The outer appearance may be showing the efforts of your dedication, but it doesn’t necessarily tell the story of all the road blocks that cause you to stop short, fill your head with doubt, put your body through fatigue or place you in the comparison game with someone you admire on social media. You think you want what someone else has, but that is only robbing yourself, and the world, THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.✌🏻Own your journey. 🤟🏻Own your story. 👊🏻Own the mis-steps, screw ups and road blocks. . . They all shape you to the strong, beautiful momma you are, and the world deserves YOUR uniqueness! 💕 . . 😒And, just to put icing on the cake... literally one second after I snapped this progress pic, my husband comes in and says Olivia threw up all over herself.🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank goodness its FRI-yay!! 🤪 . . . . .
It’s time for a holiday introduction! ☺️ Not only do I love being a Young Living Wellness Educator, but few people know my favorite December activity is singing Christmas carols by the tree. When I lived back in the Midwest and if there was snow, I’d be out in it.❄️ Either by myself for alone time or with my children. Something about that cold, crisp air hitting my face making me feel alive. I can spend hours enjoying it, along with drinking some classic hot cocoa. I’d love to get to know you better, so tell what your favorite holiday activity is!
It’s not always going to be easy but making the effort to get it done even on the hardest is going to be totally worth it. #momlife #homeworkouts #momsinspiringmoms #momsofinsta #instamoms #boymom toddlermom #momof2 #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #momlife #postpregnancybody #postpregnancyworkout #postpregnancy
Who has your heart this Christmas season? I’m still not sure what I’ll slip under the tree for my sweet husband but this year, I know that presence beats presents. I want to treasure every second we have together this season. ❤️ You never know how quickly life can change. Love each other, hold each other close, let go of unforgiveness that keeps eating at your core...crippling you year after year. Let go of the little things and embrace the memories and love. . . Wrapping supplies: @papersource
Being exhausted does not take away from how awesome of a human being you are and all that you do for your family. 💜 // 🎨 @veronicadearly #confessionsofahustlingmama
These 20+mph winds and COOOLD feels-like temps are making me feel wimpy this week! I just couldn’t stand the thought of running outside today!!! So, I got myself a 3-day trial membership and hit the treadmill this afternoon before picking the boys up from school. Treadmill running during the winter months might not be so bad. But lesson learned... Don’t eat Winter Superfood Salads for lunch when you’ll be running afterwards! 🤢 ___________________________________________________________ #marathoner #nottrainingforanything #lifeofarunner #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #wintermiles #treadmillmiles #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #goalchaser #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #momof3boys #lifeofaboymom #runtilyoupuke
This cold is now full blown, and thanks to my husband taking the reigns around here I took a sick day 😢 . Resting can be so damn hard though, can’t it? . No seriously, hear me out— . When we’re on the go all the time and have so many responsibilities and people depending on us, it’s hard to stop and get the rest we need when sick 🤒 . “Get some rest” is what we all tell each other to do, but it can seem impossible - or possible but guilt-filled for the things you “could,” “should” or “need” to be doing. Am I right? . But really, if I’m not at my best or even 50% of my capacity, who am I really helping? Plus, no rest just prolongs illness. So, I’m counting my blessings that I can have this rest time and am willing myself to use it 😊🙌
Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises, maybe it’s about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it.❤️ . Life is hard right now. Big battles, family struggles, that weight you just freed yourself from is back making hard to move or function. I’m reminded in Psalm 9:9 that “The Lord is a refuge for the depressed and a stronghold in times of trouble.” Because of him, hope prevails.
I [LOVED] cardio. 🗝KEY WORD: LOVED. . VERY PAST TENSE!😝😝😝 . . The old me 5+ years ago thought cardio’ing it up at the gym on machine, after class, after machine was the only way towards results.😓No wonder I never saw change!😳 . . I’ve never been more educated and fascinated in how short workouts (like 30 minutes or less!😯), following a systematic approach 6 days a week, from home, can put me in and keep me in the best shape of my life — even AFTER 2 babies! The key is adding resistance, working with world-class trainers that know what they are doing,☝🏻and as a mid-thirties momma, its how I keep lean healthy muscle (with the help of my plant-based BCAA’s too🤫). . . 🔄Funny how the tables have turned and I’d much rather lift than leap, but when today’s workout combined BOTH... I realize I am not 28 years young any more. 🔥🔥🔥 . Glad that’s over.😆😆😆 . . . . . .
🙈December used to be my “free pass”. 😩Yeah, I would kill myself in the gym for 2 hours. 6-7 days a week. 😳Yeah, I would think “I burned over 1,000 calories, so I can eat what I want later today!” 😞Yeah, I would go half of a day not eating anything so I could have more than one dessert at that holiday party, but then over eat because I was a sugar lover! It was an endless cycle of awesome moments in my health journey, then moments where I would mentally beat myself up. . 🤦🏼‍♀️I can’t imagine STILL being in that mentality as a mom of 2 little girls! . . So for the last 5+ years, my virtual accountability groups and fully laid out fitness and nutrition plans have kept me educated on what beneficial nutrition looks and tastes like ➡️how simple fun fitness from home (or the gym!) can make a positive impact on your day ➡️ how linking up with killer accountability all through your phone truly can become the missing link you’ve needed🗝. . . This SUNDAY NIGHT at 8PM EST (no worries, there will be a recording if you can’t make it👌🏻) I’ll be running a LIVE Q&A session/webinar through Zoom to share my Lean in 2018 game plan! Whether you are an existing client or mine or have been on the fence for a while, I’d love for you to join in on the chat! No need to commit to anything after it is over, but it could give you another option to consider for your 2018 goals! ➡️ If you’d like to understand more, or be kept in the loop for when the event link goes LIVE to sign up, check out the link in my BIO and click New Year Health Plan to get more deets! 📲Feel free to shoot me a DM, comment below ⬇️or comment under the linked video from my bio and I’ll be sure you give you access for Sunday night!👌🏻 . . Hope to see you then!❤️ . . . . . .
This weather ain’t pretty, but I was able to squeak a few miles in after dropping the boys off at school and before the rain and wind really picked up again. ✅Wear orange for #IRun4DJ (in support of a fellow MRTT Chapter Leader who lost her son in a tragic accident this past weekend) ✅Run outdoors 🤗 ✅Planks x 1 minute (20 seconds each on forearms and sides) ✅Foam rolling ✅Healthy breakfast (Cranberry pomegranate refrigerator oats and Peppermint Mocha protein shake) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Onto prep and assembly for 36 mason jar salads to be delivered tomorrow... 😱 Ready or not, here I come!!! ___________________________________________________________ #marathoner #lifeofarunner #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #momsrunthistown #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #momof3boys #boymomlife #lifeofaboymom #selfcareeveryday #runcoach #runningcoach #marathoncoach #smallbusinesswoman #MasonJarsandMarathons
I’m taking a holiday shopping poll: Mall or Internet? I’ve gotta say, for me, it’s internet. I just love getting everything done in my pjs with a giant mug of hot coffee and Bing Crosby singin’ the hits. And plus, Amazon Prime!! So, which is it for you? . . Ornaments: @anthropologie
The weekend might be here, a sweet relief from the week you've just had - but remember to find sweet and enjoyable moments of each day of the week. 💜 #confessionsofahustlingmama
This beautiful soul is my sister and her before and after Picture. When she decided to start her journey of self love, she never looked back. She is a busy mom with a career and a passion. One day she woke up and felt she needed a lifestyle change. She hired a personal trainer, and sought after emotional guidance. The experience was so life changing that she made a career change too. She is now a personal trainer who provides in home and virtual classes to other mom's seeking a lifestyle change. Her insta account shares many work out challenges that can be completed at home. Give my sis a follow @foreveryoungfamilyfitness and get inspired :) she is truly a powerhouse. • • • #selflove #personaltrainer #fitness #workingmom #nevertoolate #startnow #youmatter #lifestyle #momsinspiringmoms #youcan #fit #workout #powerhouse #foreveryoungfamilyfitness #confidence #shebae31 #selflove #goodvibesonly
Where does everyone stand on holiday decorating? Are you... A: Full Grinch (who has the time?!) B: Moderate (maybe lights, a tasteful wreath on the door and a tree for the kids) or C: Giving Clark Griswald a run for his bonus check (It’s CHRISTMAS everybody!!!) . I must admit, I’m a total B however i would love to be better at decorating so i can be a total C! 😉😍 And honestly, I never believed in Santa either🤷🏻‍♀️ AND those lights may or may not stay up til around Valentines Day! 😝 . . Decor: @ikea
|| You are building a LIFESTYLE. There is no need to RUSH. || 🗓Ok December, you are the LAST ONE so I’m making you the BEST ONE!! 📌GOAL FOR DECEMBER: Don’t be tempted by all the goodies my husband brings home from work, I see at the holiday party, or feel I need because I may be tired. 😆 Energy is GROWN 🌱through clean food, water, active movement and proper sleep.🤞🏻 I choose to stay consistent this month from home because I know I will be healthier, in a good mood and farther along than waiting until January. I’m choosing to enjoying treats in proper portion and moderation — not DEPRIVE myself because YA GOTTA LIVE!😌 Oh, and there is the 30 minute workouts that get me feeling like😻 👇🏻THIS 👇🏻😻💪🏻 🙌🏻What is your STEPPING STONE goal this month? . . . . .
It’s the last day of November, so it’s the last day to be thankful for all the things in our lives, right?! In the past few years, I’ve learned that being thankful and grateful for SOMETHING every single day makes life so much sweeter. Today, I am thankful for this sign that God put into my path while out running this afternoon. I went out on this run to clear my thoughts and wrap my head around a decision that I’ve recently made. A decision that I have been having mixed emotions over, a decision I have been second-guessing. But, these caterpillars are just the “sign” I need today, letting me know that this is a season of change. 🐛👉🏻🦋 And, caterpillars still crawling around on the 30th of November in Wisconsin?!?! It seems impossible!!! Definitely a sign... 🙏🏻 ___________________________________________________________ #marathoner #lifeofarunner #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #foxrivertrail #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #momof3boys #boymomlife #lifeofaboymom #runcoach #runningcoach #marathoncoach #smallbusinesswoman #smallbusinesswisconsin
No one ever said starting my own business would be easy...in fact, pretty much everyone said starting my own business would be crazy. But a year later, I’m excited that I help people understand healthy way of living...a chemical free life, in a way that truly changes their lives--for a LIVING! All thanks to YOU, my friends and family for believing in my crazy. Tag someone in the comments below who always believes in yours!
Keeping a routine, let alone consistency, while being a mom and working full-time with late nights sometimes is not easy. We wake in a different mood daily, higher or lower energy, guilt or gratitude, and self-doubt that we are making a positive impact on our health, let alone maintain our goals. 👶🏻The first 12 months of their little life, we are their everything, but what I always remind myself of is that since we are their everything, we NEED to put ourselves first, even if they have to get involved. 😉My cardio agility workout needed no equipment this morning, but if I’ve got the time, I’m making 30 minutes WELL WORTH IT! So, a little extra 20 lbs from Em did just the trick! 👌🏻We smiled, we laughed and I am left energized! 😅 . . ☝🏻Not one day is the same. But focus on the present moment momma. You ARE well worth the time! If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be them.❤️ Celebrate every small win because it is continually doing that over time that they will compound to the ultimate goal! We’ve GOT THIS!!💪🏻😅 . . . . . .
It’s been almost 3 years since I took a chance on becoming a coach. I signed up because I was tired of feeling the way I did. Snacking on a bunch of sugary things like, cupcakes, cakes, cookies you name it. . I was tired of living a stressful and inactive lifestyle. I NEEDED to change something. When I first found out about Shakeology I was like what’s that? 🤔 what does it have in it? 🤔 and I also said I am not a shake person, do I really need this? . I agreed to go all in and turn to homework’s and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology. It’s been almost 3 years later and it continues to change my life every single day. It is my fuel, it gives me energy, strengthens my hair, clears up my skin and it helps me to stay on track with my nutrition. . I am so happy I took a chance and did not sit in fear. My desire to change was greater than my desire to live in that sugary crappy lifestyle. . I am on a mission to help as many women as I can before the end of 2017. I want you to feel as great as I do because YOU deserve to feel happy, healthy and sexy. . Ladies I want to invite you to join me in my last online group for 2017. It’s your change to finish the year better than you started and to learn how to survive the holidays without waking up on 2018 feeling depressed, bummy and unhappy. . 1 month | 30 minute workouts | 1 Shake | Daily support & motivation Sign up today only 2 days left. DM me or email me at kariluequifitness @gmail.com
“Every mom has a mission. To LOVE, GUIDE and PROTECT her family. Don’t mess with her while she is on it.” - V. Reese I never expected to be doing it daily though. I was the girl that followed the path her parents paved -college➡️job➡️marry➡️kids➡️work➡️retire. I was certainly on that course, but becoming a Mom changed that direction... and that is ok! It’s ok to have a change in pace. Change in lifestyle. Change in direction. ❤️Change in passion!❤️ We don’t know why our life can change in an instant - good or bad - but we can choose in how we perceive it. I chose to not accept what was, and jump into the challenge I knew could lead me to the life I wanted! I was passionate about living in health, incorporating fitness, and being surrounded by women that were “built” like me! We encourage, empower and work for a mission bigger than us! I’m not a part of a business. I’m a part of something way bigger! A mission to live and lead a healthier, more fulfilled life and sharing that with others. From the outside, it can seem like another one of those MLM’s, but I beg to differ and because I’m in the world of it. If you look at what I do, what your local restaurant does, what your favorite boutique is doing... we all believe and appreciate the effects of what we do and share! Sharing is caring... right?!😄 So tonight, I’m sharing my heart with you, if you are interested. At 9PM tonight, I will be going LIVE along with a fellow friend, as we share what exactly we do, how it fits in to even the busiest of schedules, busy some myths and just share. No need to sign up or commit to anything — simply watch and listen.❤️ If you’d like to be a part of the convo after you put the kids to bed, then simply drop a message below and I’ll message you the link to join in tonight*. *If your schedule doesn’t allow, no worries! I can always provide you a recording afterwards. . . . . . .
🌊 Move of the day Ladies try these moves they are great for working your legs and raising your heart rate 💓 . Pulse | ⏱1 min | left side Pulse | ⏱1 min | right side Squat and Twist | ⏱1 min TIPS: * engage your core * do all the moves slow and controlled do not have rush these. * breathe
When my last salad jar delivery is so close to this beautiful trail, and it’s almost 60 degrees on the 28th of November in Wisconsin... I GOTTA RUN!!! It felt great, my cadence was on point, my knee was not crabby, and I couldn’t slow myself down!!! I know I’m going to have to take this one day at a time, but today was a happy running day!!! 💜 ___________________________________________________________ #marathoner #lifeofarunner #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #foxrivertrail #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #momof3boys #boymomlife #lifeofaboymom #runcoach #runningcoach #marathoncoach #smallbusinesswoman #MasonJarsandMarathons
It's unseasonably balmy today where I live, but forecasters and suspect weather changes have led me to have trust issues, so I'm dressed like this, cuz winter is still coming 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 // 🎨 by @kaylanijuanita #confessionsofahustlingmama
In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the objects history: which adds to its beauty. . One small crack doesn’t mean you’re broken, It means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart. Consider this when you feel broken.❤️
Round 2 - Day 2/21 . . . Upper Body Workout is never my fave day but when I press play at 4.30am and finito my workout by 5am ... who is the real winner!?! #nopainnogain #shoulders #lats . . . I'm so freaking excited for my next #bodytransformation and to show you how easy it is just making YOU a PRIORITY 30 mins a day, 6 days a week .... it's 2% of your day!! 😍😍 . . . Combining Healthy Living which I normally carry out daily, with Fun Exercise is a dream for me as a busy mum 👌🙌 . . . #foodandfitness #healthy #healthyliving #eatinghealthy #eatingclean #fitnessmotivation #healthymotivation #ukfitmum #healthymum #fitmom #teaminspire #mumlifestyle #busymum #mumpreneur #inspiringmums #changinglives #womeninspiringwomen #pursuehappiness #darlingdaily #momsinspiringmoms #fitnessjourney #foodjourney #healthjourney #beachbody #ukcoach
Taking care of yourselves, as hard as it can often be to fit in, is so important. It is essential really. . . . But with busy lives, the agenda is fully utilized, managing schedules and responsibilities, these moments of self care can become bandaid solutions that we convince ourselves as fixing problems instead of actually taking on those deeper issues. . . . This isn't to judge the tub baths with colourful scented bath bombs, or the solo trips to the movies. This isn't to convince you to not sit down with your favourite glass of wine and read that book you bought 6 months ago (but didn't yet read). This isn't about feeling guilty when you binge watch your favourite show on Netflix, while you actually chill. This isn't to suggest there is no value to getting that long overdue pedicure and wearing that banging lipstick. . . . However, if after all of that, and then some, you still hate yourself; if you can't see the awesome parent that is YOU; if you struggle to see the good in you that other see; if you can't love yourself as you are.... how much does that self care really mean to your bigger picture of self? 💜 #confessionsofahustlingmama
Is it just me or does anyone else stalk their fave websites in advance and make a list of what they’ll buy on Cyber Monday? I’ve got my eye on NingXia Red from Young Living (message me for more info ;)),and maybe a nice pair of boots ;) Tell me what you’re eyeing (whether or not you're buying)! . . Notepad: @homegoods Notebook: @homegoods Stapler: @Target
New shoes, a new plan, and a change in focus... Let’s see where it takes me through the next few weeks (or more)... ___________________________________________________________ #marathoner #lifeofarunner #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #fvtctrails #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #momof3boys #boymomlife #lifeofaboymom #runcoach #runningcoach #marathoncoach
I feel strangely exposed right now 😬 Anyone else with me on that?! //🎨 @hannahhillam via @moments_bigandsmall #confessionsofahustlingmama
Cool weather and changing leaves are good and all, but at least half of what excites us this time of year is the things we get to start EATING! I couldn’t wait to go IN pumpkin pie. What fall food can’t YOU get enough of? . . Plates/Napkin: @anthropologie Utensils: @WlliamsSonoma
What is the wackiest holiday tradition your Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without? This may not be considered wackiest BUT Every time we all gather together, my family always runs a family talent show every time we’re together, we all take part in It and I love it. It may not be the wackiest but you should see the costumes and dance routines we put together!! 😂The belly laughs, the “laugh until you cry” just makes my heart full! ❤️ . . Blanket: @ralphlauren Mug: @scoutmob
No Turkey Trot, and NO running at all for me today. Running hasn’t felt good for the past two weeks, and I haven’t even run since last Friday. 😭 I haven’t really done ANY kind of exercise since then. It SUCKS and has been driving me totally crazy, but I have to keep reminding myself that my body is telling me I need to back off for a bit. I’ve been in training mode essentially nonstop since last August. In the past 15 months, I’ve completed 5️⃣ half marathons and my first 2️⃣ full marathons!!! I love running!!! It is my drug of choice!! I’m a better me because of running. My head and my heart want to run FOREVER, but this body is telling me to take a break, RECOVER. Today, I’ll just be thankful that I’m not completely broken, there are many things I can still do, and that I will be able to run again soon. ____________________________________________________________ #marathoner #marathonrecovery #marathonerlife #lifeofarunner #embracethesuck #embracethejourney #wisconsinrunner #runwisconsin #wisconsinrunning #inspiringwomenrunners #womeninspiringwomen #momsinspiringmoms #goalchaser #runjunkie #runhole #crazymotherrunner #notrunningsucks #runnernotrunning #selfcareeveryday #strengthtrainingforrunners #thankfulanyway
Every winter, it's the same internal dialogue "How the $ @&" did I survive last winter? What did I wear? What happened to all the mitts n hats? How am I going to make it thru! When is summer coming back?!😩" . . . Am I alone on this one? Is winter your favourite season? Tell me how to get past this sense of dread! #confessionsofahustlingmama