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#mommasboy much? Hahaha always have been no other person has been with me through thick n thin love you #marcelamurguia your the bestest mom anyone can hope for expecially someone so undeserving as myself yet you still show unconditional love and for that I am eternally great full your in my life love you!!!!! Your the best!!!!!
One of them nights I'm missing momma Buckles here in LA πŸ™Gotta get back home to Chicago soon βœŠπŸ½πŸ‘€. Why was she so swaggy tho #mommasboy #thatwasagoodtrip #Igotherlit
There has never ever been anything quite so special as the love between a mother and her son. πŸ’™ #adoptionislove #theadventuresofxman #love #mommasboy #heismyeverything #boymom
He put my "makeup" on before I left, which means I had mascara on my elbow and swipes of colored eyeshadow on my back. He told us to "drive safe" as we pulled off in an Uber. He pleaded at the last minute, that we settle on "Monday" (as a better date night). I love this boy! He's truly one of a kind, and so, so loved! πŸ’™ #heismybaby #alistair #mommasboy
Excited to watch Blue Angels tomorrow with this guy! ✈️ he has always loved airplanes 😁 #mommasboy