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She and I have a good back and forth
Gran Canaria boda realizada con mi compi @rubenbautistafotografo
I spy with my little eye 👀 ¡Miren a quién encontré! ✨ Hice una peque columna dando tips de cómo combinar zapatillas esta temporada en la nueva revista de @ripleyperu mostrando algunas de mis @reebokclassiclatam favoritas 💙💙💙 Salió el fin de semana pero yo recién la tengo en mis manitos. ¿Quién más la vio? 🙈
Guys, don't break your necks looking at Seattle women 😍 cause you'll end up in a sticky situation lolol. #TheGumWall #KDCExploresTheWestCoast PC: @ashton_30
Mejor traicionado por extraño que por Amistades. 📷: @rusemyduran_
Hakone is definitely on the must do list 👌
Been in the OC area for about two weeks now, and I'm absolutely loving it. I've got some pretty cool concepts & ideas in my little creative mind for some shoots, so my model friends: slide thru if you would like to collab for some of them ✨😊 ALSO MY NORCAL SAC FRIENDS: I will be back up north from October 6th-8th, so let me know if you want to hang!! I already miss so many of your beautiful faces 🖤😭
TAG CREATORS WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED. @creatorsregime is on a mission to encourage the world to create & to help fund the projects of creators worldwide. our first project in collaboration with you is being released DEC 1ST. checkout link in bio to connect with us and submit your collection. collections by Creators Regime are compilations of 12 or 24 images turned into authentic polaroid prints, taken/created by specific artists to express and share their art. a old but new style of print. all profits made are shared 50/50.  use #creatorsregime  pc: @johanboeuf keep creating. always.
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