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i want that as my housepet
Bitch, heard Bitch Please? No!?, Bitch Please! #MMLP
Holding on is believing that there's a past. But letting go is knowing that there's a future ahead. So Let Go, For A Better Future! Gm........... #MMLP
Morning Vibes #MMLP
Life is like a pregnancy, congratulations is what people always say to you without knowing how many times life f*ck you up before making it. Appreciate The Hustling State Of A Brother! Good evening..... #MMLP
#Yolo is on #TV3 6;30pm Don't miss it IG; maxkofie20 Snapchat; maxkofie208 TW: maxkofie20 Link up 👌 #MMLP
[feedback?] so my best internet friend @team.julien is here atm and we're having a great time tho (she's on her phone and i'm sitting on my bed oh wow) also y'all enjoy this edit its laggy af but yeh idgaf bye Ib; vine x 🎶 Zara Larsson & MNEK - Never Forget You (Pyrodox Remix) 🎶
Remember that you hold the key to shape your life and your future. There is power in you to blaze a new trail and to pursue your greatness.Good morning #MMLP
When I'm Gone has to be a top 5 Eminem song. Probably top 3. I always loved this song. The last verse nearly makes me cry lol. The emotion in his voice is so different and sincere it gives you goosebumps. ◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸◂▸ [Tags] - #eminem #marshallmathers #slimshady #eminem2017 #mmlp #mmlp2 #eminemnews #eminemfact #theeminemshow #shadyxsteroids #infinite #themarshallmatherslp #detroit #rap #hiphop #rapgod
2Pac warned us about Donald Trump back in 1992...
Eminem would've have one if he made an album @rap
Do not put limits on your dreams, put faith.
& I'm a fucking stripper.
whoever did this is fucking hilarious😂😂😂😂😂
Okay so I guess I owe you an explanation. Some weeks ago I told you that I have to figure some things out and need some time. Here is why: FUCK CANCER. Fuck that shit. I lost so many family members bc of cancer. So you may wonder what happened. It's not easy for me to explain in English but I'll try. Here we go: 4 weeks ago I had an internship for one week at a doctors office. It was all fine and I had very much fun. Until Friday. They gave me a list with patients who have or had cancer and I had to write down their names because some of them where twofold on the list. It was a long list. And i prayed that my moms name wouldn't be on it but it was. I always had a feeling that sth was wrong. that my mom is hiding sth and I was right. It was a shock for me. I started crying and yeah i didn't know what to do. The doctor, her husband (who is a psychologist) my mom and I talked about that and what to do to be okay. She had cancer 5 years ago and is healthy again but uh i can't describe the feeling that i had but it wasn't good. If you know how it feels like when someone dies who you loved and cared about, then you kinda know how it feels. It's just worse. I felt like I lost my mom but actually didn't. but at that moment it felt like i did. I felt empty and alone. I feel more comfortable talking about that now and I feel better. I just needed some time and I hope you understand. - this is going to be a normal post with a explaining caption. so I'm going to use # too. I just wanted to explain you this and hope you understand me. And I tried to make the explanation short bc I don't want to talk too much about it. It would make me feel really really bad again. - can't find memes owner - @eminem #marshall #stan #slimshady #eminem #mmlp #8mile #brabbit #hiphop #rap #recovery #shadyxv #letdreout #marshallmathers #rapgod #stanfamily #d12 #mysalsa #myspaghetti
... فردا هشت صبح میان ترم الکترو مغناطیس ۲ با سخت گیر ترین استاد این درس دارم بعد اینم شیوه ی درس خوندن منه 😑🖕🏻 خاک بر سرت ماکسول که مث انیشتین و نیوتون گل گذاشتی سر ما مرتیکههه . Stuck in fucking place . What should i do with U , Eminem?? 😂😂 💜 i fucking crazy Love you 💜 . . 💜💜 Why be a fan when U can be a stan ?? 💜 . . . . . . . #eminem #eminemlyrics #eminemsince72 #eminemfan #stan #slimshady #marshallmather #marshalmather #shadyxv #shadyvseverybody #shady #shadyrecords #sslp #mmlp #mmlp2#eminem #eminemlyrics #eminemsince72 #eminemfan #stan #slimshady #marshallmather #mmlp
There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstances of your life can change. All You Need To Do Is Pray! Good morning #MMLP
Be the writer of your story.