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Well...with my favorite side of the gorge closed, looks like I have a new favorite region of Oregon to explore.
What’s your fortune?
beef party 7 photo coverage by daniel
I wonder what size the boot is 👢
ÂŽ all orders for OG dad caps will be shipping out this week. apologies for the delay, appreciate all the patience and support. #MKEXPLORE
Glad I was able to run 10k with the TMNT tribe for my entry back into the OCR competitive scene. Thanks for pushing me to my limits.Next up... @spartanrace!
The Warner Grand Theatre 🎭
“the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” #DalaiLama remembering to share our appreciation and gratitude with friends and family as the holiday week kicks off. safe travels to those heading out of the city and plenty of classes ready for those sticking around. #lovestoryyoga
Just because it won't come easily Doesn't mean we shouldn't try