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✂️ Textured make over 💈 . #mitch #mitchtheman
💈This finished polished pompadour looked so tight ,I asked him if he was a salsado (salsa dancer). Cuz he reminded me of someone. - started to talk about salsa classes & I mentioned @mdndance . - cuz I want my clients to look & feel confident on & off the dance floor. - thanks trusting with your hair care needs 🙏
I love that this photo exists! ❤
Happy birthday to my beautiful friend @miitchmo ✨🎉🎊💗🍩🍾😍 I still think you are a damn 🦄 because its always so much fun when we hang out!! I love you 😘and can't wait to drink vodka sodas with you! 😜😖🍸🍩🍕☕️ #hbd #leobaby #montellwilliams #mitch #mrsgarcia #puropinchiparty