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The good old days ☺.. coming up on our 2nd Thanksgiving without you 💔 #wheredoesthetimego #missingpiece #earlytbt
Missing a puzzle piece... sadness abounds. But YAY! Another one down! 😁👍🏼🎉 #puzzleaddict #creationofadam #missingpiece
Whelp. That hit me and I didn't expect it... #depression #anxiety #missingpiece
My #heart aches today. The hole remains as much as I try to ignore it. Hopefully the beauty of this #lonely #milkweed brings #joy to some of you. #heartache #missingpiece #holidays #daybyday #nature #bluesky #cloudporn #seeds #onthewind #lost #drifting
I don’t talk about it much. I probably should because I know I’m not the only one. This little guy’s first and second years of life were tough on this Mama. Every baby needs mama a whole lot. But he needed me more than that. He nursed during the night until after one year. I wore him in an Ergo for hours everyday for that first year. He is still so snuggly and has a special place he lays his head on mama. He has such a sensitive soul, and I love it. I’ve always loved it. But mama was tired. 😴 Before my pregnancy 🤰with him, the year before I’d had 5 miscarriages in a row💔, and no one could find anything wrong. Then, a pregnancy with moderate hyperemesis gravidarum and 2.5 years of nursing him to follow. In the midst of all of that, we had some some insane life changes. I was a mess, y’all. My hormones were basically a train wreck. I was up sometimes 2-3 nights per week with vomiting and diarrhea and crippling stomach pain. And that left me exhausted. All. The. Time. 😢 Y’all know me. You know the timeline. I had as healthy a lifestyle as ever. I worked out everyday, ate super crunchy and clean. The malnourishment and stress were out of control, though. My body couldn’t absorb all that good stuff I was eating! That’s what led me to pick up my phone, swallow my pride, and take back that adamant “No.” I was desperate. So, if you’re there, I’m here. I KNOW what that’s like. I have something that can help! My life is far from perfect, guys. But I’m THRIVING! I feel amazing, and I get to ENJOY these sweet kids and my family and our life. And the stress? It takes a lot for anything to be a big deal for me. The stomach issues? Gone. #motherhood #healthylife #supplement #missingpiece #momstrong #boymom #breastfeeding #miscarriage #pregnancyloss #crunchymom #healthandwellness #healthyandhappy
Count down at work. 2 more to go. #missingpiece
Yung sa pag uwi mo ng bahay bigla ka na lang Makakaramdam ng Lungkot ! Haixt ! :'( #MissingPiece
I love you, not for what you are but for what i am when I’m with you 💕 😍 #shestheone #missingpiece #mygirl #mybestfriend #mylife #jazem 😇☺️