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There’s an approximation of 15 million babies who are born prematurely each year and about 1 million of them die. Today, we want to support the families affected by these statistics by remembering and celebrating their beautiful babies. Most recently, San Francisco’s 49er Marquise Goodwin and his wife, Morgan Goodwin, loss their premature baby. My heart has been so heavy for them because although I️ don’t personally know them, I️ definitely understand what they are going through. Together, we are #1in4. Psalm 30:11. ❤️ #PrematureBaby #nationalpreemieday #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #ihadamiscarriage #lifeafterloss #weremeber #youarebeautiful #lifeisbeautiful #BeginAgain #football #letstalk #letstalkaboutit
Peace be with you, Tish (Philippians 4:7) Connect with me to see post you can relate with and that will brighten your spirit. Facebook: Felita's Love Grief Support IG: felitaslovegriefsupport Twitter: Felita's Love Grief #grief #griefsupport #griefjourney #griefislove #griefisreal #griefawareness #lovetrumpsdeath #lifeafterdeath #grievingdaughter #grievingson #grievingchild #childloss #miscarriage #grievingmother #grievingfather #widow #widower #cancersucks #felitaslove
~ BABY ANGEL TWELVE ~ Noah A Alvarez “You gave daddy and mommy the best 30 minutes of our life’s and you will never be forgotten.” #justanothernumber #stillbirth #stillbirthfoundationaustralia #instaawareness #picoftheday #sids #miscarriage #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness
Dogs are amazing. But especially this dog. She is such a gift and always has been. We got her when Lydia was just 4 months old so they’ve grown up together. We affectionately refer to her as Schoolmarm Hattie, because she looks after everyone and will make it known if someone, especially another pet is breaking the rules. She alerted me to Lydia having a super high fever one night at 6mo, and she knew both times I was going into labor before I did. She was present at both E and H’s birth, in fact sitting in my doulas lap while she held my hands, Hattie held my gaze as I brought E into the world. She’s been a part of so much joy and lots of sorrow in our house and her velvet soft coat has caught so many of my tears in these 5 years we’ve had her. The past three days have been super hard, but she knows that and just keeps pouring on the love. Sitting near me, following me around, sitting quietly on/next to me as things have passed. Oh this dog, she’s such a gift. Thank you God for this fluffy little wonder. 💞🐶💞🐶💞🐶💞
1 month ago today God decided our little one was too beautiful for this world & was destined to be an angel. I know I will love you & protect your memory until the day I die. 💙💗 #love #forever #strength #miscarriage
{2018 Groups} Wahoo!!! We have been busy behind-the-scenes as we prepare to launch Moms in the Making groups throughout the country in 2018. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we start to announce the group locations + leaders! #momsinthemaking
This print will be going up tonight in honor of all the babies who didnt make it. I teamed up with @xoxosummer_xo in honor of baby Addyson who you can read more about below! As always i will be donating half the proceeds to a non profit charity . for this print it will be for @marchofdimes . Please buy a print or help spread awarness❤💜 etsy is posted in bio . "June 4th, Sunday night I started getting cramping but I thought it was normal because I got cramping earlier in my pregnancy, well the cramping got really bad to the point it was waking me up throughout the night so Monday morning comes and I decided I was gonna go to the emergency room because the cramping was still happening and I started spotting. When me and my boyfriend went into the emergency room we pulled into the parking lot and I realized I leaked through my shorts, when I walked into the emergency room they admitted me right away. They told me I was gonna have to choose, I either keep fighting and hope my babygirl makes it or get the pills to put me into labor. Of course, I chose to keep fighting. Tuesday comes around and things were getting worse I started getting a fever and they could barley hear her heart beat, they told me the only thing holding her in was the water bag and that she is gonna come at anytime. Well they gave me the pills to start labor because my fever was going up, right after I took the 4th pill I felt pressure, so my sister ran to get the nurse and when the doctor came in she said my babygirls head was already out and we needed to get the doctor. So June 6th at 11:59pm weighing 12.03 ounces and being 9.75 inches long came my beautiful little girl ❣️ She was born with no heartbeat and we lost her. She was the most perfect little Angel and I am just so thankful that I got to hold and kiss her lifeless body." #prematurebaby #premie #infantlossawareness #drawings #ar #sketch #plums #tattoos #miscarriage #stillborn #moms
Let the binge watching begin! #netflix #thepunisher #frankcastle #finally #bingewatching
New moon early Saturday morning ✨🌑✨ Take a moment tonight to set your intentions :: Feel the feelings that are blocking you and making you feel stuck and then release them. 💔 Replace them with intentions to open yourself up to receiving that which you desire: love, acceptance, patience, forgiveness, abundance, healing... ❤️ #newmoon
As I was getting to the end of this, I thought it would be a good idea show you! . I want people to know that there are always healthier alternatives to sweets & treats. . Today I was after chocolate.🍫🍫🍫 . I had none in the house. So I could have gone out to buy some. Or made some easily with the cacao butter, cacao powder & maple syrup that I had in the house. . But I couldn't even be bothered doing that today.😛 . So I made my go-to, which is basically mixing into yogurt whatever it is that I'm craving.😁👌 . I had some full fat plain yogurt in the fridge. Mixed in some cacao powder & a drizzle of maple syrup. So not only will it satisfy that chocolate craving, but I'll feel satiated because of the protein & healthy fats. This will also help keep blood sugars balanced. And I also did not add a tonne of maple syrup (be reasonable!). Yum.😚👌
“Why don’t you have kids yet?” . . . This post documented by @ihadamiscarriage and told by @bege81 speaks to me so much. . . . So many times people have asked me, “is she your only one?” While they’re intentions are harmless, this question hurts me to my core. . . . She is not my only one. I have two others that I love and miss. . . . Let’s take some advice from @bege81 - “you never know what a woman has gone through, or is going through in order to have children.” Think before you speak. ❤️ . . . #hopeaftermiscarriage #findthelight #miscarriage #ihadamiscarriage #loss #pregnancyloss #pregnancylosssupport
🖤🎄✨Sneak Peak at my first ever market 🖤🎄✨ hoping to see you all this weekend! The setup and decor at this event are amazing and will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit 🎅🏼🎁🍷 and thank you so much to my baby bro @ssoutar for helping me out with setup 😘and to Aiesha Mah with Rustic Rebellion for the decor to make my booth look extra lovely 💜 #comevisit #firstmarket #excited #love #christmas #tistheseason #bemerry #supportlocal #ivfjourney #miscarriage #adoption #fosterparent #surrogate #gestationalcarrier #newmom #pregnant #pregnancy #baby #babies #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #family #infantloss #postpartumdepression #ppd #postpartumanxiety
Today is World Prematurity Day. Here is my rainbow baby daughter. She was born at 36 weeks. That classifies her as a late preterm birth. She was tiny at 5lb 6oz. We spent a week in the NICU/hospital. As scary as it was, I know that so many other parents have had it a lot harder. And our preterm birth and NICU stay was a lot shorter and smoother than some others have had to face. It takes certain kind of strength to manage those days in the hospital. Not knowing what might happen next. I saw so many other Mama’s and Dad’s walking the halls of the NICU. All with that weary look of fearful acceptance. I saw so many tiny tiny tiny babies. It was terrifying. But it taught me a lot. I have so much respect for the parents of preemies. And today, on #worldprematurityday I raise a glass to you all. You’re amazing. . . . . . #miscarriage #ttc #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjourney #babyloss #recurrentloss #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #miscarriagesurvivor #1in4 #infertility #ihadamiscarriage #rainbow #myrainbow #rainbowbaby #postpartum #fightthestigma #11weeksold #11weekspostpartum #mommythoughts #premature #prematurebirth #worldprematurityday2017 #marchofdimes
"Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change."-- Arthur Burt The mom on the left was exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, battling an addiction to food, heartbroken, caught up in victim mentality, hopeless. The mom on the right has found the joy in her life, has gained self confidence, knows she contains the power within her to overcome all things, loves the dream she is creating into existence. What happened? I realized that to continue the cycle I was stuck in was going to lead me further down the path of destruction, to disease and illness, to a padded cell, to a dark and lonely place. What started as a journey to lose a few pounds became much more than I could have ever expected. I found my people, my soul sisters, my tribe. I came to understand the power of self care. Knowing what I know now I would have paid $1 million to feel this incredible. But BONUS! It was much more affordable than that. Sister, how do you feel today? In this moment? Are you happy with where you are? Or do you know, deep down in your gut, that something needs to change? That you can't keep going the way you are right now? You owe it to yourself to take ACTION. You are worth it. Your LIFE is worth it. Sure I can help you to lose weight. I have those tools. But more importantly, I want to empower you, guide you in learning to LOVE YOURSELF beyond that number on the scale. I want to show you how you really CAN do it all AND take care of you too. Take it from me, momma. There is a life raft for you, but YOU have to be ready to reach out and grab it and USE it. And WHEN YOU DO, the most amazing things will begin to happen, starting with YOU loving yourself. Message me, lovely. Don't wait one more minute. Hit SEND. . . . . #anxietymom #livingwithanxiety #autoimmunedisease #hippiesoul #infantloss #miscarriage #depressionsurvivor #hardworkingmomma #boymomlife #girlmomlife #selflove #emotionaleating #foodaddiction #bingeeating #bingeeatingdisorder #facetofacefriday
So we bought a BUCKET of hummus a couple of days ago. Forgetting that because it isn't full of preservatives that it would need to be consumed within 4 days.😳 There are only 2 of us. We are halfway through it. Challenge on.👊 (PS. I love hummus as a great source of protein & healthy fats. Wonderful to dip veggies into or dollop onto a frittata, or turn into salad dressing...).👍