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Happy Friday loves, thank you all for the happy birthday wishes to my hubby🎈!! We had a great dinner out last night and talked about life, love, our families, and our #dreams! I’m so #grateful for such a wonderful human being in my life and that I get to see him pursue his own dreams and live a life on his terms🌱! And so as I start my day, I feel great gratitude to wake up to new possibilities and adventures🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽! This weekend my #SoulFireSisterhoodGroup and I are focusing on believing in #miracles, removing doubt and fear and digging deep into the belief of the things we REALLY want out of this life💎! Because the only way to get the things we want and to live a life of our dreams is to first remove doubt and fear👊🏽. Then be open to the possibilities, the miracles, and the #blessings coming our way🌟! The #Bible even tells us to believe in the things we want, and they are already ours! #biblescriptures So my personal challenge to myself and you, be open to miracles! Let God and the Universes know you are totally ready for some awesomeness to come into your life and then, proceed!✌🏽️🌿💗 #livelifeonyourterms #goafteryourdreams #believeinyourself #gratitude
This world is in a state of separation. . The reflection of the world shows us how "at war" individuals are inside themselves. . That's why we attack. Because we project our internal battles, externally. . If the collective energy is reflecting one of separation, than it is our individual responsibilities to find peace inside of ourselves. (everyone has the ability to do that as we all have the same universal healing energy inside of us (God)) . The external is an extension; a manifestation of what we have within. The unity. The peace. The love. The connection that you're looking for out there, is right inside of you. . Go inward and be free from the war you see. . Love Amy
Are you feeling the eclipse heat? What a week! So many of my clients and friends are experiencing tumultuous upheaval. Many breakups and separations. Codependency is being burned to the ground. It's empowerment or bust. But with true alignment comes some of the biggest manifestation potentials we've had all year. . . . I think it's wonderful that everyone wants to see this eclipse. It's like the world is going pagan again! Muah!! But also, most traditions recommend not looking at eclipses directly due to the amount of chaotic energy that is released. So I will stay inside and meditate. . . . #eclipseseason #leo #holyshit #alignment #manifestation #miracles #eclipse #human #healing #yes
The idea that sound affects our mental and physical health, is not new. The ancient healing wisdom of chanting and mantra recitation has been known to us for years now. The rhythm and frequency of healing sound vibrations can relax our brainwave patterns, lower heart-rate variability and lower respiratory rates. Find out more about the healing effects of sound at the workshop this Sunday, 20th August. Link in bio. . . #tibetansoundhealing #kolkataworkshops #soundhealing #thetawaves #meditation #zenflow #energeticdetox #calmdown #peaceout #powerofnow #flow #instagood #insta #instagram #raiseyourvibe #LawOfAttraction #GetOutOfYourOwnWay #Miracles #Lightworker #Healers #ConsciousnessCommunity #ConsciousLiving #HighVibeLiving #AlternativeMedicine #Kolkata  #kolkataworkshop #kolkata #kolkatadiaries #intention
Кстати #лотосы растут не только в далеких восточных странах, но и в России 🌺 #ДолинаЛотосов #рекаКубань #Анапа - - - #лето2017 #ThrowBackToSunnyDays🌞 #SeeingIsBelieving #miracles #summer2017
God is STILL going to BLOW YOUR MIND IN 2017!!! STAY FOCUSED! ¡DIOS TODAVÍA VA A SOPLAR SU MENTE EN 2017 !!! Estancia enfocado !!! #yougotHisWordonit #miracles #signs #wonders #breakthrough #toomuch
E' la voglia di credere che la Vita sia un miracolo a far sì che i miracoli avvengano. Paulo Coelho #flowers #flowerpower #blue #sea #skyporn #summer #igerslatina #igersitalia #ig #instapic #instalove #beautiful #miracles #bloom #gaeta
I Charge You “Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned.” (1 Timothy 1:5) The Greek noun parangelia and its corresponding verb paranello appear six times in the book of 1 Timothy, translated as either “charge” or “commandment.” Paul was quite concerned for his young disciple Timothy and went to great effort to remind him of the truth and charge him to keep it and encourage its keeping in the lives of those in his care. Let us briefly look at these charges. First, Paul wanted to charge Timothy to remain strong in his personal faith. “This charge I commit unto thee . . . that thou . . . mightest war a good warfare; Holding faith, and a good conscience” (1:18-19). “I give thee charge in the sight of God . . . . That thou keep this commandment without spot, unrebukeable, until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ” (6:13-14). In a similar vein, Paul knew the dangers of false doctrine. “I besought thee . . . that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine” (1:3). Following a discussion of specific false teachings (4:1-10) and their refutations, Paul concludes, “These things command and teach” (4:11). Even those who nominally adhere to proper teaching need direction. “Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God” (6:17). Living up to these charges (commandments) brings real benefit in this life as well as in eternity, as we see in our text a pure heart full of agape love, a conscience unfettered by sin and false doctrine, and a strong faith not weakened by hypocrisy. If we would be disciples, we should mind the charges given to Timothy. JDM
"Oh, now I'm floating so high I blossom and die" #miracles #coldplay #me