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"Through my tired eyes I phase out the rain  With a meditation I erase my pain  There's a rythym flowing through every vein  And the melody is never-ending" #nellyfurtado #spiritindestructible #miracles #waitingforthenight #prideisland #pride
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A Grateful Heart Is A Magnate For Miracles.
Yesssssss!!!!! Do you believe!?!?! 😃😃😃 #muffin #muffins #cupcakes #cupcake #believe #miracles
If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down. Little yellow bird on a wire.
Meet Keira. She's is a jewel ❤ Her banner and Snap Chat filter read the words: 'beyond the bruises'. Baby girl suffers from a rare blood disease, her days aren't like ours, but she thrives. Just last year, she was involved in an accident in which she cracked her skull. The bumps and bruises are still in her head, but her smile is contagious, her hugs are reaffirming, and her love is a reminder that this is my purpose. I guess as she saw the people smiling, the idea that I'm still here and I'm going to senior prom was overwhelming. I imagine her tears were of gratitude. I love this girl. That's my baby, she really is my first born." - Denise Taylor (proud mom) ❤️cc @_ariek_keira @niec_y . . #miraclesandmesses #fighter #kidshealth #instakids #cutest #photooftheday #justchillin #photography #instagram #strong #love #babiesofinstagram #colorful #story #Blessings #celebritykids #beautiful #smile #alive #widesmile #healthykids #happy #powerful #lifestyleblogger #blackgirlmagic #survivor #miracles #survivor #tearsofjoy #beautiful Story Via @becauseofthem
June 25th 2013 -Today I have to remind myself of how low I go when I consume alcohol. This was right after having brain surgery to stop a hemorrhage in the center of my brain after a bad fall. It's not every day that alcohol consumption leads to a brain hemorrhage like this but odds are if I take one sip I will end up on my death bed within just a few days. Uncanny. Sadly this was not the end of my debacle, I went out and drank just two months after recovering from this stroke and it got worse. It boggles my mind that I can walk just one block and buy my drug of choice. Alcohol is ubiquitous and yet it kills more people annually then all other drugs combined. Seems like a socio-cultural malignancy. It has taken decades for the public to understand that alcoholism is not a moral issue or lack of willpower, it is a manifestation of dysfunctional brain chemistry. And still most people cannot fully comprehend addiction, including medical doctors. This is not a criminal justice issue this is a public health catastrophe. But I am living proof that it is possible to recover no matter how severe the case is. I am beyond grateful that I have a working brain that is still adept at absorbing knew information and retaining it. I never feared death but man I feared living with "wet brain". I thank God everyday that I can walk & talk and understand what's happening around me because there was a time when those things were contingent upon a miracle. I have a new appreciation for life, I see the beauty in things that I never noticed before, tragic bottoms create beautiful transformations. I know now that my scars are precisely what God intended to be transmuted into my purpose. My pain has been the best vehicle in connecting with others who are/who have suffered deeply and that makes it all worth it. Suffering unifies humanity and truth telling unlocks people. We're meant to connect with each other, not hideaway. Why are we wasting our time pretending to be perfect? I am immensely grateful to have parents that are warriors of love and tenacity. Who not only never gave up hope but we're brave enough to look at my alcoholism up close and truly believe (Cont in comment)
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