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It’s true that you’ll leave all the stress behind when you’re overseas.
Your expression when your friend tells something they "think" is funny
Oh didn't you hear? Toasties and smashed avocado are now apart of the Glasshouse repertoire 🥑
Matin has always been passionate about music ever since I first knew him 14 years ago. That’s the reason why he took up @republicpoly’s Diploma in Sonic Arts, which focused on music production and sound engineering. He graduated as the top student of his cohort and pursued a career in sound engineering. . After a year in this competitive industry, he discovered that Creatives such as Photographers, Filmmakers and Musicians like him do not have any common platform to connect with one another. He had an idea, and he wanted to turn this idea into reality. He embarked on a new journey and started a platform called Plexxie to connect Creatives all around the world. To learn how to market his new idea, he went back to school to study Bachelor of Communication with Marketing. . With the creation of Plexxie, he challenged himself to achieve his hopes and dreams. He believed that great things doesn’t come from staying in one’s comfort zone. Life is too short to work for someone else’s dream. Find out how you can embark on a new journey at ssg-wsg.gov.sg. (Link in my bio)
Well, dreaming is free.
Adventures are healthy for your mind, body and soul. Agree? 🍃 #ExplorePH #AdventureDiarySouthCebu
Rinduku semakin menggila sebab kabar indah yang telah lama diharapkan tak kunjung tiba