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The mighty ducks;quack
Operating on 4hrs sleep is not wise. One time I poured water into a bin 😂
smokepurpp (lil purpp) - GEEK ALOT (PROD. RONNY J)
Bianca Bucket Bag 💖 #NinaStreetSeries
Morning stroll along Jalan Kamunting after breakfast -- shot on #xpro2
• Pernah kau lihat dua orang yang saling mencintai–setidaknya dulu–memutuskan tak saling berbicara lagi untuk waktu yang tak terbilang? Aku pernah. Berada di sekitarnya terasa waktu seakan beku, semestanya lebih abu-abu dibandingkan langit sebelum turun hujan guruh gemuruh, dan kau mulai memahami betapa merah jambu mudah saja memudar bersebab persoalan remeh temeh. Lalu, sudah siap dengan segala hal itu? . Jika nanti kau membersamaiku, bagaimana upayamu menekan segala egomu dan egoku?
God’s dandruff
— lights that meet the eyes —
Monen viikon harmaan ja pimeän jakson jälkeen joulukuinen auringonnousu on vielä kalpea - mutta antaa jo lupauksen, että pian, hyvin pian päivät alkavat pidentyä. | It's been grey and dark for many weeks. December sunrise is still pale - but already making a promise that soon, very soon days will be getting longer. #suomenluonto #suomenluontoa #finnishnature #thisisfinland #winterinfinland #siilinjärvi #visitsiilinjärvi #easternfinland #decemberinfinland #visitfinland #minimalmood #finlandphotolovers
Just lights
A night for werewolves
Top/Middle/Bottom? 😍🤗 Show me in the comments 👇🏼 @jewelrycages
admire as much as you can, most people don’t admire enough — vincent van gogh
I should have been posting all during this holiday season about art for sale. It may be late but ART FOR SALE! If you would be interested in buying any work hit me up. Prices aren’t too bad and are even better if you want to buy a bundle of paintings✌ . . . . . . #painting #minimal #surreal #modern #contemporary #art #artist #color #pattern #abstract #minimalism #artcollector #gallery #curated #artcurator #colortheory #design #composition #chicago #artwork #minimalmood #contemporarypainting #fineart #minimallandscape #abstractlandscape
Memories 🗃 #venice
Presents ⠀ COUNTRY CONTEST AWARD ☆ The new contest of @LOVES_UNITED_LIFE ☆ R U L E S ⓐ Put the Tag #loves_united_minimal or #loves_minimal or #loves_united_life ⓑ Follow @Loves_United_Minimal and @Loves_United_Life ⓒ New and old photos are allowed ⓓ Unlimited entries ⓔ Wednesday each hub will choose 3 photos from the tags and make a challenge to decide the winner. ☆ T H E F I N A L ❶ The winner of the challenge, country or theme, will participate to final selection on Friday on @Loves_United_Life ❷ The Team Crew of @Loves_United_Life will choose the 5 best photos from all hubs who take part and the most liked pic will win the game. ❸ Do not use images downloaded from internet! 6➍ Have fun together!!! ☆ Visit @Loves_United_Family Photo courtesy: @nikolator #l_u_life_award172 OUR MAIL | loves.members @gmail.com #minimalexperience #minimalha #killerminimal #learnminimalism #eraminimal #mindtheminimal #awesomeminimal #minimal_lookup #minimalistag #ig_captures_minimalism #picturetokeep_minimal
All decked out in holiday maroons. I’ve had this Wizard of Oz book ornament since I was a kid, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to read it. 📖 ✨
Take the extra mile, it’s seldom crowded.
I'm so busy with my uni lately so I figured I can show you my uni spread 🎁 Film washi tape cause I study film 🎥 Also, I have yet another presentation to do. Yay. I am overjoyed. Keep your fingers crossed for me to build Tardis on time because I see no other way to deal with this amount of work 😂
*CONTEST* We whipped up a tasty blend for your Winter gatherings and wanted one of you to have a bag! Tag three festive friends in the comment section below. This time around we are going beyond the neighborhood and will ship this merry bag anywhere in the U.S! 🤗 Winner will be selected Thursday, Dec. 14. 🌲🎁🌲🎁🌲🎁🌲
Minimal Cookie 🐶 Featuring 📷: @llauranls
// Stunning winter sunsets in Santa Fe. //