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The ordinary and the extraordinary, are perspectives.
Muita gente desiste quando estava bem próximo de atingir seus objetivos. O triunfo acontece aos que têm paciência para lidar com dias não muito bons e seguem em frente, apesar dos desafios. Quando pensar em parar, seja inteligente e, ao invés de parar e desistir, pare e descanse. Mas não pare de andar para frente. Pense nisso. #fabricadementes #mindset #sucesso #determination #inspiração #sonhos #naodesista #persistence #sol #summer #blue #hnd #gratidao #gopro #like4like #follow #followme
#Repost @movimentes_portal Saúde já deixou de ser ausência de doenças, saúde é muito mais... #movimentes Atitude e Mudança Consciente . #diadosavós #melhoridade #saudade #mindset
Let the nuggets sync in #Mindset 🔥🔥🔥
Wow Peppa Pig world was amazing , best part about going on a Wednesday is no queues 🎉🎉🎉we had sooo many goes on the rides xxx
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When we choose consciously to rise as if we have never risen before - as if it is a completely NEW experience (and for many of us it often is), something shifts within us. We move from a place of disillusionment, discouragement, pain, doubt, fear and disconnection in to a place of deepened self belief, self worth, openness, courage and clarity. When we allow our pains, our fears and our trauma to guide us towards brilliance, to light the path towards cultivation of virtues such as courage, insight, foresight, resilience, toughness, clarity, perseverance, self gnosis, patience and presence (to name a few) that are of sincere value we grow and expand our proverbial wings, our human/spiritual footprint and we begin to become whole. It is precisely through our experiential pain that we develop an ability to breakthrough and realise our potential and brilliance. It is here that we leverage pain to allow us to grow and feel the seat of our soul, the depths of our being and our connection to unified wholeness. It is only through experiencing and MOVING THROUGH the entire spectrum of human posturing that we may liberate ourselves from 'permanent ignorance and suffering'. When we respect the fear and the pain we allow ourselves to become whole. By choosing the hero's journey to plunge in to the abyss of the mystery, in to the depths of the darkness of the unknown - only then can we emerge with newly defined wisdom and rise from the delusion of the 'old self and the old paradigm' that no longer serves us or our evolution. www.stefsifandos.com One is glad to be of service. S.Sifandos #stefsifandos #hero #truth #trust #pain #challenge #fear #courage #phoenix #rise #love #now #mindset #consciousness #awareness #live #livelife #growth #magic #wisdom
What are you doing? What are you doing! What are you doing. No matter which way you say it, it's powerful if you ask it of yourself. I'm going to talk more about it in a video later today but start asking YOURself now, be honest and forceful. See you soon 👊🏻 #projectunknown
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