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Goooood MORNING! It's a beautiful day to be alive! - - Smash that to do list and keep making progress and moving forward! - - This week's focus for me is productivity. What do I produce in a day and what strategies can I use to increase this? 🤓🤔
Discipline - no one actually likes that word but it's good for us. In my quest to discipline the body, I've always conveniently ignored disciplining my mind. For someone who loves control, it's ironic how freely I've let my mind do its own thing, building many negative thought patterns over the years. . I just finished reading the book, " Mind Hacking," by Sir John Hargrave (which I highly recommend; it's also free online) and I've been working on my mindset and changing the loops that go through my head. . I'll be 40 in a few weeks and I have some lofty goals. It's time I start getting serious and get some shit done but first, a 4-mile beach run 😜
L O V E I N A L L F O R M S I Right this moment I should be cleaning, packing.... but research is so much more fun. Right now I am immersing myself in the subject of LOVE. ❤️ Self love, love for others, love vs attachment, the nature of love, the meaning of love, is love the ultimate virtue, is there true love... And I realise that I still have so much to learn and master. That's why I plan on living a long life. 👣 And always to study 🔍📗📔📚 #karintyden #mindhacker #mindhacking #hypnos #coach #coaching #mentalträning #personligutveckling #love
We don’t believe we have to be tied in an office to be successful. We don’t believe constraints of ‘normal’ workplaces push us to make our dreams come true. We believe discipline brings freedom. We believe what you consistently do is who you are. Be #highvisioned, refuse the norms of our time. . . #lifestyledesign #digitalnomad #mindfulness #entrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #consciousness #mindhacking #stylethesustainable # #sustainableootd #workhardfromanywhere #workfromanywhere #locationindependent #remotework #lifesisajourney #whatyouconsistentlydo #lifemanifesto
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