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The older we get the more overwhelming life seems to get. - The further we go into this whole “life” thing, the more stress that seems to get added to our plate. If only we could go back to the days of fighting over who gets to use the swing first and worrying if we would get to have dessert after dinner. - The longer life goes on, the more challenges we are faced with. The longer life goes on, the more difficult situations we are placed in. - The older we get, the more mature we have to be to make decisions that affect a whole lot more than they once did when we were younger. - I think we can all agree that life doesn’t get easier with age. If anything, it just seems to continue to get a lot harder. - This may be true, but one thing that comes with each tough situation we are forced to overcome is strength. The more crappy things we are handed, the more strength we are forced to find in ourselves to overcome them. - As life continues, we learn to survive. We learn to survive against all odds. We learn to survive no matter what we have been faced with. - Sometimes we even have to ask ourselves how we are doing this. We find ourselves going through the motions during a horrible week wondering how it is even possible that we have survived so much. - Whatever the answer may be, you are surviving. Whatever the answer may be, you are surviving because you found the strength inside of you to do so. - Each bad thing we are faced with is preparing us for something that will happen in the future. - With each difficult time, we are building up more strength to conquer the next obstacle. - So when you find yourself lost and life becomes too overwhelming, remember how far you have come. - Remember your strength. - Remember your resilience. - You have survived everything before and you will survive this too. - One day at a time.
"Rimarrai per sempre la mia stella polare, l'unico riferimento nel buio più totale"🙈 #mia
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Feliz día del niño a mis tres hermosos sobrinos!! Los amo con la mas grande locura!! Uno por demás intenso, otras por demás vergonzosa y el otro aun no se tanto pero por los rumores que me llegan por demás loco. Jajaja Los amo mi bellos bebes!! 😍🎁 #Mia #Axel #Darien #FelizDiaDelNiño #Sobrinos #TioBaboso #MisNiños 😍❤😍
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#mia Been rusting in the rubble Running to a faint ...........✍🏼 #coldplay #top #music #poesia #testo #occhi #inmycar #hypnotised #instamusic #like4like #likeinstagram #mysociallife