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Really excited about the new wrap choker I'm rocking today. Have you heard of @redeemedwithpurpose? All of their pieces are handmade, redeemed from donated items. And that's not the best part. 100% of the proceeds is donated to redeem survivors of sex slavery. Pass up that boutique necklace, head on over to their page and buy a piece that both serves a purpose and looks good! ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ #westernstyle #westernfashion #redeemedwithpurpose #notforprofit #endslavery #westernjewelry #goodcause #shopsmall #turquoisetuesday #sundre #alberta #choker #styleinspo #cowgirlstylediaries #fashioninspo #western #supportsmallbusiness #donate #stylegram #supporthandmade #yycliving #bossbabe #awareness #chokernecklace #messybun #azteccardigan #shamelessselfie
Welcome to the gun show! 💙 Feelin' SO good after working out!!! 21DFX: Upper Fix... I love you! . I admit it! I didn't want to get out of bed today because I had to work really early. I made excuses and I didn't do my workout in the morning. But ALL day I was thinking "wow I feel so groggy and have no energy and don't want to do anything." I wonder why Kingsley?! People, stick with your routines! I've learned my lesson-- morning power hours get my body and mind pumping. Working out, reading, and eating some good food is just what I need! ✨ . Do you want some morning accountability? ☀️Do you need that little push in the morning to start your day off right? ⏰ Let me help you! If you want an accountability partner I'd love to be that person for you. DM me or email me with the subject "accountability partner" and we will get started on an amazing journey! ✨I look forward to hearing from you! 💌transformingbeauty310 @gmail.com . . . . . #myjourney #fitnessmotivation #tuesday #upperbodyworkout #armday #21dfx #collegelife #mealprep #healthandwellness #cleaneating #flex #powerful #girlpower #girlswholift #longdistance #cleaneats #holistic #bossbabe #girlboss #messybun #workoutwednesday #lovelife #progress #determination #actress #singer #greeneyes #tealovers #eatgreen #happyhealthyhumble
Someone asked me today what is the biggest habit that I have created that keeps me on track....... Meal prepping and being prepared. I pack my meals for work the night before everyday. This does SO many things for me. It puts my mind at ease that I am ready for tomorrow. It keeps me on track with my meal plan. It leaves no questions or room for bad foods sneaking in. It relieves stress from my mornings because I can just grab and go! Fail to prepare and be prepared to fail!
Was a busy 🐝weekend. Can't stop with the #messyupdo . Can't stop! Love the look and feel. #emmys2017
Are you content with your life? Are you HAPPY?I never really asked myself this before, because I didn't want to answer it. I knew I was a little depressed. I knew I was stressed financially. I knew there had to be more in life but I never wanted to ask myself this. The truth is, I wasn't. My life was better. I mean, I'm the one that designed it. I'm the one that made it this way. I should be happy, right? But I wasn't.So I started a new journey last year. The opportunity kept presenting itself on my news feed.At first I was like, hell no 🙅🏼 I'm not selling shit. But then post after post I saw this isn't about selling shit. This is about helping people, changing lives..including my own. As coaches, we do a lot of self reflection & if I were to ask myself if I was content now?Truth is, I'm getting there but I've got more work to do. I'm so much closer and I'm working my way towards a better life. Sitting around not doing anything, hoping&wishing things got better is shitty. In a year you'll be in the exact same spot wishing you did something about it last year.This past year has moved my family so much closer to getting us out of debt ,being less stressed& to having a better life&that makes me so happy. Knowing that one day in the very near future we will be there.You guys,it's ok to want more for your life. It's ok to not be content. What's not ok is sitting around hoping for things to change. What's not ok,is turning down an amazing opportunity that could change your life&your families life because you don't want to "sale" shit.Ask yourself what it's really about? If it's about what others will think..their opinion isn't going to cut you a check. I'm doing what's best for me&myfamily. You know what?Next year if I continue on this path, Ill be making 6 figures. 2 -3 years of LIFE CHANGING work, REWARDINGwork, to go from being in debt to living a life by design. My coach retired from her teaching career 5months into this &after 2 1/2years is now making 6 figures.A waitress&full time student is our top coach, is in the millionaires club&is now traveling the world. There's way too many success stories for me to list but the next one youll see is going to be mine🙌