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I've just discovered that I actually do, in fact, know how to put my hair in a messy bun #messybun #hair #imtired
And because I always turn out to be the model in the house for the other ladies sarees 😜 This time it's Akka's 🤓 #modelinthehouse #messybun #desistyle #sareestory #flashbackfriday #chirala
Got hit on multiple times today lookin like this. Not pictured, my pants were sagging because I forgot a belt & my Adidas were untied. . . . . Sometimes its not the effort in the outfit, but the output in the energy✨🔄💆🏾🔄✨
Teresa和Jan从波兰回来啦 和你们在一起好开心 吃饱喝足 还给我扎个欧式丸子头 🙃 · · · #Thursday #goodfood #messybun #oldfriends #northvan
How is my #MessyBun? 😋
Tried that #messybun look today! It wasn't a bad way to deal with the summer heat☀️🌴 #SummerTrends
I have to admit when you work from home and are a mum the temptation to stay in your PJs all day is very real. Today however I washed + blow dried hair plus got dressed from top to toe and what a difference it made to my productivity! Just a lil productivity hack to always look my #best, even if no one is around to see it 😜