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Amen to that !
Christmas Shopping Day 🎄🎄 You don’t want to miss out on this!! Don’t forget to RSVP by the 28th November to receive a gift bag!! Bring a friend along on the day and they will receive a complimentary eyebrow sculpt voucher. Who doesn’t love getting things for free 😊 *conditions apply
Hope all of you in Melbourne are keeping hydrated in this heat 💋
Lorna has the Tri Beam all ready to go! Carbon Laser Peel Skin Gains Laser Treatment Tri Tone Tri Eye Does this all sound foreign to you? Ask your therapist about the latest advancements. #selfcentred_medispa #selfcentredmedispa #melbournecentral #melbourne #melbournecbd #melbournebeauty #melbournestyle #melbournestyle #carbonlaserpeel #chinadoll
We are looking for a 1st year apprentice to join the Conrad Hair team! •• Phone us for for details or pop in and see us with your resume #conradhair
✨ THURSDAY ✨ Do you wear SPF even if you’re not going outside? . . I do! As you can see the sunlight is pretty strong for me even through the window at the moment. Today I’m organising a really important job so I can‘t wait to share the results! I’m also learning to use a DSLR - give me medical journals over camera jargon any day 🤯. . . ✨ CLEANSE #MeccaCosmetica Transforming Facial Cleanser. ✨ MIST #Musq Rosewater Mist*. ✨ SERUM #JordanSamuelSkin Hydrate - if you are finding your skin to be oilier in the heat, it might be dehydrated so maybe see if a hydrating serum helps. ✨ SERUM #Oumere Bioluminelle*. ✨ MOISTURISER #Aesop Sage and Zinc SPF15. ✨ SPF #PerfektBeauty Perfekt 10 Skin Perfection SPF30+ in Luminous*. . *Gifted . Have a beautiful day, one sleep till Friday 🙌🏽🤗🙌🏽