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Hello there! In a few hours I’ll be GOING LIVE to talk about how you can stay in touch with your network without bugging them and without overwhelming/stressing yourself out even if you have a huge network. πŸŽ₯ -- I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that if you haven’t registered yet, now is your last chance! Link is in my bio (skillstribe.com/webinar). 😘 -- This is all very practical content. You’re sure to connect with other like-minded people in the live chat! You’ll also have a chance to get YOUR questions answered in the live Q & A session, and some other special goodies, so make sure you come live! -- I’ll see you at 8 pm WAT/ 3 pm EST today! Love, Lotanna
Hola #durban .... We "DANCE" Day coming up, ready for added awesome dance class of Intermediate Kizomba; Dance Sabrosa Style #salsa #bachata #kizomba #merengue #reggaeton #dominicanbachata #cubansalsa #ruedadecasino #meetnewpeople #makenewfriends #dance #sabrosa #style Sabrosa Salsa Bringing People Together Through Dance
4 different People, 4 different drinks 🍷🍹🍡🍺 #monday #mondayevening #dinner #drinks #summer #sommer #meetnewpeople #amazingtime
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Dreaming of these gorgeous streets and endless canals in my favorite European city! β˜οΈπŸ’•