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I found more of these awesome hand blown glasses from Mexican artist Felipe Derflingher and they are available now in my Etsy store. #midcenturyart #midcentury #handblownglass #vintageglasses #felipederflingher #brutalist #mcm #mexicanart
When we bought our house, the first thing we did was refinish our floors. I've never regretted it.
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Forever Honeymooners ❤️✈️ The secret to keeping this marriage of 11 years fresh is traveling. We got married when I was 20 and he was 23. We made a decision that night, "That our marriage will be different, it will be fun, full of adventure and laughter!" We kept our PROMISE! Thank you @paradisuscancun this trip was AMAZING #thenelsons . . . @aftertheaisle @munamommy @munalifestyle @blackmomsblog @blacktravelfeed @travelnoire @soulsociety . #blacklove #blackmoms #vacation #mcm #blogger # #blackgirlmagic #beauty #laser #lashes #vacation @paradisuscancun # #royalservice #paradisuscancun #botox #lemonadebraids #curlfest #naturalhair #skincare @fleurdelisbeauty
Here we have be lovely @nevin_tk who has been working with me for the last 6 months .. This is why I do and love my job .. Yes I have to shout and be animalistic at times but the reason why is clear as day when you look at this progress picture . Well done my lovely and thanks for sticking with me an allowing me to do my thing . Onwards and upwards - [ ] #Eastlondon #llondon #turningpointfitness #lionpower #health #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessjourney #boxing #exercise #training #abs #sixpack #srong #weightloss #flife #happy #walthamstow #folllow4follow #likeforlike #igers #videooftheday #mcm #wcw #tbt #dedicated #determined #followtrain #weightloss #progress
What are you learning about yourself through your home? I want to know! Is a room ever really finished? I don't know about you but I have at least 10 projects going in every single room of my house. I don't have the attention span to just finish one room at a time! Our entry way is close though! A new closet door and "maybe" this tiny section will be complete?! At the same time, I'm learning great lessons at just being joyful and content with everything I already have and trying not to miss how blessed I am. . . . #lilyfieldfurniture #hometalk #homedecor #homewithlove #interiors #interiordesign #decor #mcm #lighting #entryway #entrywaydecor #kilimrug #contentment #blessed
Legs drive good. Arms lock out not so good. Must practice MOAR...
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PLEASE READ AND TAG SOMEONE! THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE TODAY I can't tell you how many people @stretchmastersarah and I work with this on. We were both dealing with this same issue and thanks to our Holistic Dietician friend we have overcome them. Its all about routine in the end but in the beginning its about realizing why you don't want to eat and what's causing it. Acid is the start of every issue in the body. An acidic balance is present around all of our issues. As we become more acidic we effectively become weaker and more towards the "sick" side of the spectrum. When it reaches a point we do get sick and when we let it go way too far that's where we see diseases like Cancer come from. Fortunately we have amazing waters with the right electrolytes to help speed things up. Water is also a problem that is along side so many issues humans complain about today. Meaning most issues I see with clients comes with some dehydration. Our gut as most acicid in the morning so it makes sense to give it a good dose if water and about 30 minutes to settle and balance out. Just watch how one time doing this will make you feel hungry sooner and have a much better feeling in your stomach that day when you eat. Of course our diet matters. It's up to you to know what crap you're eating and what good food your taking in. I know when I indulge that there is some work to be done, but it's the day after day that either adds up in a good or bad way. Let's start with more good than bad and as you tweak the water and food more you'll see your body and mind naturally changing, naturally gravitating towards better choices as well as eating more regularly without such an effort. Cut the sugar guys and start researching more organic foods. Not ones that say "Natural" because that's typically a farse. Look up the sources to the food you're eating and it will help find better quality foods. Sugar is just bad. Not all is bad but I'm talking about the processed and added sugars. Even sweets have good options these days, but all around cut down your sugar entirely if you are reading this and feeling like mornings and regular eating is tough. Hope this helps! Have a great day!